How to make a cheap garment look chic

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(Photo by Chalo Garcia from Pixabay) I remember the first wedding party of a school classmate, to which I took part wearing a cheap garment. I had not yet turned 18, I didn’t know where to take an elegant dress for that ceremony. I used to wear only denim clothes and shoes. But I had a lot of fantasy. So, I made some flowers with the remnants of a blue satin fabric. It was not difficult to gather and twist the pieces of cloth with some stitches and transform them into newly blooming fabric roses!

Then, my mum sewed them on that dark gray dress I purchased at the local street market. It was a simple A-shaped dress, the only one in my wardrobe that could try to apply for that sensational event. What a beautiful transformation, the mirror answered to me after my almost incredulous smile. So, I wore my renewed dress, put on my blue ballerina shoes, borrowed a shoulder bag from mum and left the house happily, on a hot summer afternoon.

How to change your cheap garment

That memory comes to my mind every time I speak about making cheap garments look expensive and chic. An argument that implies those details that make the difference, like the flowers I created for my basic dress. If you are not a creative persons and do not like sewing, you can think of buying ready-made decorations. A flower brooch with organza or silk tulle petals, in a contrasting colour or in the same shade of the garment on which you will pin it, is a simple accessory to refresh and bring some elegance to the look. You can put it on the collar of a cheap jacket, on the scarf that is in a solid colour, on the classic little black dress.

Speaking of jackets, has it ever happened to you to find a fantastic piece on a market stall at an incredible price? Well, if you haven’t missed that opportunity and you have grabbed it, you must know that one of the most important rules about how to make something look more chic and expensive consists in the perfect fit. Your cheap jacket must look like a tailor-made garment, sewed only for you, which is the reason why you should need the help of a good seamstress, who can adjust it for your body shape. And the icing on the cake comes from the replacement of the plastic buttons with the metal ones, those small circles of light that are always so chic. Do not forget, then, the accessories, perfect allies for low-cost clothing, especially when they are designer. They catch the attention of those who look at us, who will notice the silk scarf, the belt with the famous brand logo imprinted on the buckle, the showy bracelet, the necklace with precious stones, rather than everything else.

Colours too play and important role in elegance. Neutrals like black and white, or beige, just to mention the classics, get along well with charm and elegance. Monochromatic or two-colored looks, from top to toe, including bag and shoes, are always winners as long as elegance is associated with luxury and prestige.

Have a great day, dear readers!

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