How to look stylish and stay toasty when it’s freezing

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The snow of these days has just suggested one of the top arguments among over 40 and over 50 girls who are very sensitive to the cold, how to look stylish in cold weather. As long as you stay at home in loungewear, as during the Christmas holidays, with the whole family in front of the fireplace watching a nice movie on TV, the problem was only perceived through the fogged windows. In the new year, the daily routine resumes, the front door opens again to our thousand commitments to make us face freezing temperatures, always wearing the smile and style that distinguish us in milder seasons.

how to look stylish in winter: silk dress and wool cardi

Dressing in layers

Dressing in layers is the ideal solution for those who have to juggle between polar and heated environments. The trick is to match the most voluminous garments with light and fitted pieces, go for fluid fabrics on which wool items slip well. Silk, for example, is a fabric suitable for clothing in direct contact with the skin because it manages to keep the temperature constant in the transition from hot to cold, as well as being extremely chic. About artificial alternatives – rayon and viscose – and all types of vegan silk, it is good to understand if they can isolate from the cold in the same way. There are also recycled silk garments that keep the properties of silk intact, as well as being sustainable.

how to look stylish in winter: wool sweater and silk camisole

The silk and wool combination is a perfect mix of comfort and elegance. It results in petticoat dresses with long and wide cardigans, lace trim camisoles peaking out under oversized sweaters, blouses paired with fitted waist jackets.

how to look stylish in winter: the sweater dress over the slip dress

The secret of how to look stylish in the cold winter days leads you to choose a garment with elegant features that can elevate the tone, even of the most casual and comfortable garments.

how to look stylish in winter: silk slip dress and maxi cardi

My tricks to survive the cold

Consider these tips for staying toasty while looking special on a cold winter day:

  • if you always feel cold in your feet, you can insert an insulating insole in your footwear;
  • choose silk and wool vest and underwear;
  • pair short skirts and mini dresses with cuissards and over the knee boots;
  • wear a large shawl or a poncho over the coat or the office uniform for a chic and comfy result;
  • Protect your neck from the cold by wearing a thermal fibre turtleneck;
  • Silk and cashmere scarves are excellent pieces to invest in: keep them always in your bag and wear them when necessary.


Do not forget to accessorize your outfits with jewellery and necklaces to shine even in the grey winter days! Stay tuned for my next post, dear readers!

how to look stylish in winter

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