How to find the swimsuit that best flatters your body

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(Photo by Pete Johnson from Pexels). Good morning my dear readers! Are you ready for Summer sales? Maybe yes! And you are going to buy a swimsuit for your next holidays on the beach! Well, if this is your case, stay tuned! Today I’m going to talk about the swimsuit, precisely about the styles that best flatter all body shapes, the ones that will make you walk the beach catwalk with awareness and charm. As for clothes, indeed, there is a special swimsuit for everyone. It is not a simple pairing of the top and the bottom of a bikini, it is a real necessity that drives you to look for the items that enhance your body.

Let’s start from the apple woman. She has the belly area and the breast large and important, while her legs are generally tapered. Her ideal swimsuit is the tankini, a mix between the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit, consisting of a modelling slip and a tank top or vest that slides gently on the belly area, without hugging. This style is perfect on her figure, it covers the flaws, it gives elegance and glam. The rectangle woman, on the other hand, is characterized by being tall and by an almost non-existent waistline. For this reason, she should orient towards a style that creates a more feminine shape. The perfect solution is that of the one-piece beachwear, with a central panel or pattern in a darker shade that gives the illusion of making the waist and the belly area slimmer. Absolutely to avoid, for her, high-waisted bikini bottoms, while geometric patterns are welcome.

If you have a more lean column body, instead, you can go for padded two-pieces that emphasize your bust and hips. Among the patterns, vertical chevron lines are to be preferred, because they will give the illusion of a more harmonic shape. The hourglass, as long as her proportions are good, can wear any style, but if you are a full hourglass, underwirring or support is essential for your body characterized by a beautiful but heavy breast, rounded feminine hips and a short waist. As for patterns you should avoid stripes and detailing at the bust and hips, and go for plain colours. The pear body shape should keep detailing above the waist and beware of cut styles that finish at the widest point. The ideal bikini is the one that has a pattern top, enriched with details, and a simple bottom in plain and dark colours, of the same basic shade or colour of the top. On the inverted triangle figure, halter or square necklines work well, as do details on the hips: she has great shoulders and her bottom half seems to be smaller than the top half. She can go for details and patterns to accentuate her bottom, so styles where top and bottoms are sold separately should be preferred.

One more last tip on this matter. If you are going to buy a swimsuit visit those stores which have a vast and huge choice of styles. Indeed, they often offer the opportunity to buy separate bikini pieces, in the same pattern and colour, but in the style that best suits your body. One last recommendation. Do not go for skimpy bikinis after the age of 40, even if you have attended many fitness programmes. It’s more a matter of dress code that invites you to cover yourself with respect for elegance, class and also for good taste.

Good bargains, my dear readers! And if you still have some doubts you know where to find me!


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