How to fight wrinkles with facial exercises

(Photo “beautiful faces” by tommerton2010 license CC BY 2.0) Wrinkles seem to be democratic enemies, they also affect men, not just us women. With the difference, however, that on the face of our sweetheart they give charm, while on us they reveal the true age. Crow’s feet or smoker’s lines, who knows how many other aesthetic problems we have in common despite healthy food, or the most accurate skincare that cleanses, hydrates and nourishes our skin. It feels like a kind of resignation when our body becomes mature, including facial muscles. Perhaps, however, it is worth thinking that exercises to tone and firm the muscles should also be considered for the face if we want to find a way to counteract the natural consequences of skin aging. Facial gymnastics can become a highly effective tool, able to improve the skin making it more radiant and toned. But above all, it benefits the whole body because it helps us focus on the bad posture and can fix it.

picture by NatureFriend, Pixabay
picture by NatureFriend, Pixabay

Facial exercises, the advantages

As often happens, beauty and health are two elements to be analysed together, being so closely related. And to better understand this concept, we could consider the often-excessive use we make of mobile phones and electronic devices. Let’s try to imagine ourselves while we are focused on texting friends via WhatsApp and we will notice our neck bent down, our gaze fixed and focused on the device, an activity that sometimes goes on for hours. But a correct posture requires the neck aligned with the spine and in the long run the unnatural curvature that we adopt day by day can cause cervical disorders, while on the aesthetic level it favours the formation of the double chin.

picture by Karolina Gabrowska, Pixabay
picture by Karolina Gabrowska, Pixabay

When practicing facial exercises

When I started browsing the web to read up on facial exercises, I was a bit worried about the amount of time needed to dedicate myself to it. Then I discovered that it only takes a few minutes a day and that no special equipment is needed. It is true that it would be fantastic to find more time for us with relaxing music and scented candles around us! It is also true that we can take a longer break like this once a week: in the meantime we can practice facial exercises every day while we engage in non-demanding mental activities.

foto di Nico H., Pixabay
picture by Nico H., Pixabay

For example, this morning, while I was cleaning the house, I started practicing some exercises, following the tips seen in a video on the web. There are also those who do that on their way to work, sitting in the car and driving without getting distracted or losing concentration. However, in our daily routine it is important to carve out a small space, which is essential for our physical and even psychological well-being. Indeed, taking care of ourselves and achieving small goals promote self-esteem, help to recover self-confidence. At the end exercises become healthy not only for the muscles and our beauty but also for the mind. And if this were not enough to make us change our minds about the time to dedicate to facial exercises, we can reflect on how we are good at counteracting skin aging without resorting to miraculous products or the plastic surgeon.

Have a good day dear readers!

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