How to dress up your favourite denim items

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Denim clothes are always on fashion. For that special colour that matches so easily with everything, for the latest trends that mix styles and pair common fabrics with the most precious cloth. But above all because there are denim trousers for all body shapes and budgets. And for many other reasons too, that still lead us to have at least 4 or 5 pairs of denim pants in the closet. You will never get bored with them, you will reuse and transform them, or simply keep at the back of the drawer, together with the sweet memories of youth.

Recycling and reusing those items that never go out of fashion is really a good rule. The look, however, must be reinterpreted to follow our changes, simply to enhance the outfits of the over 40 woman who wants to be glam and elegant anyway.

I’ve always loved the total denim look. I must admit, however, that after 40 it is not very easy to wear it. Such a simple and basic solution must be lit by small details and accessories, those that make the difference, like jewellery and shoes, or belts and scarves. Mixing different garments and style, however, can become an excellent alternative, on condition that you create a balanced look, according to the rule of class and elegance.

The blazer and the denim trousers

As usual, I start from what I love the most, the blazer, in this post paired it with the denim trousers, for a simple outfit that can be worn at office too. In your closet there is certainly a formal jacket waiting, just to be reinterpreted and softened by much more casual items. It ‘s time to wear it again, with your favourite denim pants, a colourful scarf or a top in the shades that best flatter the complexion and the eyes. Complete the outfit with high heel shoes for occasions from 6 pm onwards, otherwise go for medium heeled shoes, much more suitable for long hours away from home. And do not let someone tell you that you are not elegant!


The elegant skirt and the denim shirt

Do you like this idea? It drives me crazy! Think of the monotonous office uniform with the classic white top and now change it with a denim shirt. The outfit comes to life, the classic black warms up, and if you want to soften the look, add feminine shoes. The result is special, to go to work smiling. Style, elegance and above all personal taste, through those details that bring out your creativity.


The super feminine look and the denim jacket

I have not been wearing a denim jacket for years, because I associate it with my youth. I want, however, to put it in a different context, an outfit that alone is also rather boring and can change completely with the denim jacket. The silk skirt and top … it’s really true that the denim fabric is perfect if matched with the noble and finest cloth. The Texan ankle-boots, so trendy this Fall, have received my approval, for everyday looks, simple, elegant and however precious.

Dear readers, forget the saying “the cowl does not make the monk”, because your dress speaks about your personality. Take care of yourself and above all enjoy yourself when you open your wardrobe!

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