How to cope with COVID-19 lifestyle

isolation stile di vita ai tempi del COVID-19

(Photo by Pexels, Pixabay) You get up in the morning, after a sleepless night, as it happens to many of us, these days. You think you can get into your usual routine, with a mediocre job, deadlines to meet, frenetic rhythms. All of a sudden you realize. That you want that life back. With all its side effects. Without the sofa you used to dream of, the tranquility inside your domestic walls. Which start to turn around you with a sense of oppression, when it is forbidden to leave the house. But you are the only one that can stop this vortex. By living and giving a special meaning to small daily actions, doing everything with passion and dignity. Appreciating the fact that you are alive and healthy, while outside there are people who fight for their own survival or for that of others.

cope with COVID-19 lifestyle
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So, after the initial discomfort, try to positively rearrange your mind. Look at your home with different eyes, make it beautiful and welcoming, because it shelters you from the cold and the disease. Start from the room in which you spend more time, clean it thoroughly and when you are done, dedicate yourself to the kitchen, stop to smell the bread you have just baked. It will take you back in time, to the memories of a happy and carefree child. Involve your kids in these small daily actions, they will grow up with good values, proud of the love you dedicate to them. Start listening to the radio again, it will bring you the voice of the people that share your same emotions and it will never make you feel alone. Listen to the music you love most, but also to the classical one that transcends the boundaries of time and stimulates the mind to new ideas.

cope with COVID-19 lifestyle
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Do not forget to take care of your body, the most beautiful temple built by God. Practice physical activity at home or on the balcony every day, keep your muscles healthy because you will have to be agile and quick when everything is finished. Give your face some colour, a light make-up, and above all change yourself, do not stay in pajamas all day. Wear different and comfortable clothes that enhance your body and that will make you feel beautiful, invite the whole family to do the same.

Call your parents, even more than once a day, make sure they are fine. They suffer from loneliness because they cannot hug you, they could be cut off from the world if they are not familiar with new technologies. If you can, use the video call because it will make them even happier for keeping up with modern times.

cope with COVID-19 lifestyle
Photo by Pexels, Pixabay

Cultivate friendship now more than ever. You have many tools available to communicate with the people you love and haven’t seen for too long. A video call for a coffee together or to taste and see the last dish you discovered in your recipe books can make a difference in these times.

Stop a while and read. A book. The real tool that will make you fly away with your imagination. And that will continue to make you dream during the day, to desire to know how the events unfold and resolve, the situations in which the protagonists are common people just like you that fate has called and transformed into daily heroes.

Look at spring. From your window. Its music is loud and boisterous now that the noise of the cars has stopped, the scents and colours become more alive every day. Because spring lights up your life and gives you smiles.

Foto di Stocksnap, tulipani
Photo by Stocksnap

And if all this is not enough to make you see the joy of COVID-19 lifestyle, then write on a white piece of paper a goal that you would like to achieve and keep it with you. Read it whenever doubts and uncertainties arise. At the end of the day, while looking yourself in the mirror, recognize your accomplishments. You are a clever person, with many values, don’t forget it.

Always remember to thank for this new day that has been given to you, full of many opportunities that you may have forgotten. And every now and then cry, alone or in company, let those feelings leave your house.



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