How to choose the perfect day bag

jeans e borsa braccialini

Good morning my dear readers! The topic of the day bag is so dear to me that I can hardly contain the enthusiasm and the rivers of words trying to get out from the keyboard of my computer. I stand in front of a new bag like a child in front of chocolate. And this is also one of the reasons why I hardly tackle the subject. I could write for hours without reaching the end of the post because there is always a bag for which it is worth spending some time. Do not run away though! I promise you that I will be short and then I will go straight to the point.

How to choose the day bag

Well, it must be capacious because women put inside it a lot of things, even those that are not needed. So go for the maxi size if you are tall, but if you are like the majority of Italian beauties, you’d better choose a medium-sized bag. That’s because the bag too must be proportionate to the body shape. Try to imagine a giraffe woman with a small bag … Unbearable! Another detail not to be overlooked concerns the way how you carry the day bag. Do you remember when I told you that edges and details should never coincide with the largest part of your body? Well, this piece of advice also applies to the bag, so if you have a pear or a full hourglass body shape, choose a bag with shortish handles that fits under the arm and never wear it in crook of elbow: better to suffer a bit, be trendy and original, rather than see your roundness even more enlarged by your gorgeous bag!

braccialini bag
braccialini bag

The right colour for the day bag

Is there an answer only? Quite impossibile! Bags are so special accessories that we should have them in many colours. However, most of us do not earn a fortune to invest in these joyfyl items. For this reason, try to understand what are the predominant colours of your clothes, taking into account footwear too, and starting from the fact that, in compliance with elegance and style, outfits should admit at most three colours, accessories included. Which means that, you should have at least a black and a dark brown bag, that is to say in the same colours of the most part of your shoes.  I would suggest also dove and the blush pink too. On the other hand, if you want to dare with a bright tone … you already know what I’m going to suggest you, get a beautiful red tomato day bag, or lemon yellow or apple green. Stunning and perfect for reviving classic and sporty looks.

red bag and red ankle boots
red bag and red ankle boots

Soft bag or rigid bag?

I would tell you both! Yes, because each one is perfect for different occasions. The soft bag is more suitable for sports and casual looks, while the rigid one is perfect for work outfits. Among the most common styles of soft bags, the most popular and versatile is the shopper with two handles, so called because its rectangular shape calls to mind the shopping bag. The hobo, however, has the shape of half moon and a single handle and is generally worn over one shoulder. Backpack and bucket bags are perfect for leisure time. Their use, however, can also change depending on the materials and fabrics: rigid fabrics and plain colours are perfect even for formal looks, indeed, they add that personal touch that makes the classic outfit sparkling. Among the rigid bags, however, my favorite is the tote, which has a trapezoidal or squared shape and two handles, and above all it’s super capacious and perfect both for work, both to hold the necessary for a day away from home. The duffle bag is another timeless classic bag, rather formal.

tote bag by celine
tote bag by celine

Some day bags between 24 and 50 $

(Bags from ShopStylecollective website)

The 2018 fashion showed on the catwalk bags in light colours, but also fringed bags, and bags with stripes and showy details. There are solutions for any needs and tastes. And this is because we like bags. As much as the shoes. They are the accessories that sign our look, interpret our mood, keep our secrets. Enjoy the weekend!


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