How to change the destiny of a dull sweater

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My closet is full of close-fitting sweaters, turtlenecks and pullovers, so drab and dull, plain colour and straight pattern. But how can I do? It’s a sad equation that of dress code + Winter weather = impersonal and dark garments but warm and comfortable under a jacket. But I do not like Maths and I generally fix the counting according to my mood, otherwise I become blue. And in this picture entitled sadness at work, I must add lights and colours because in my office there’s no window near my desk… I sometimes feel I can suffocate! Imagine how could I bear that funeral outfit for so long. I cannot stand it… all that dullness, the leaf green colour sweater apart, which risks to die under all those items in the cabin closet.

Grey, cream, dark blue and charcoal colours, all simple and straight, the bravest sweater has grooves that seem to dance between warp and weft and scream at the top of their lungs “Down with the dress code and hooray for the personal style!” Yes, I really need something very personal to face every Monday morning when my dear Panda car “in the dark blue painted in darker blue” would shift into reverse to come back to my bucolic village of Morciano. “But you must wear woollens! It’s cold!!” That’s my conscience addressing to me, in the same way I do with my children, reason why I’m forced to listen to it. For a stroke of luck, my beautiful, wonderful and amazing jewels, start sending me bright signals in the hope I see them, under the lights of the cabin closet. The long necklace with the central cabochon made of sparkling crystals, the ring of the same set, as big as the cabochon, they are the first aid of my poor dull piece of clothing and add a touch of glamour to Mister dull sweater which now seems completely changed.

But the way to the best outfit for work is still long… I’m not at all happy… I need something else… where’s my belt with the black bow?… It’s always there and waiting for me near the pencil skirt knee-length and long waist. “Match it with the black pair of shoes with tassels!” I do not know “who” is speaking but I know “he” or “she” is right. I’ll put the shoes in my large Boston Bag… it’s easier to drive to work wearing a pair of sneakers and put on the perfect shoes once you arrive at destination. Now I’m ready to face a new day at work and all those… Simonetta, please don’t go on any further! For your own sake!

dolcevita a giacca a fiori

See you soon! In the meantime, let yourself be inspired by my shopping tips. I’ve chosen some items from ShopStyle Collective, which you could wear to go out with your friends.

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