How a kimono can change your outfits

Summer is not over in September, so there is no reason to dismiss those special garments as companions of unforgettable moments! We can pair them with a kimono in a beautiful coloured pattern that gives joy even on cooler days. The combination with this piece of clothing is new to me. I discovered the kimono by chance, at the local street market, with many doubts on how to adapt it to my wardrobe. Then, once worn, I realized in my mind many adorable solutions with the basic and monochromatic garments that have been a part of me recently. As for the kimono, I appreciate the soft line that wraps the body and its colours that brighten the face. And its versatility too: you can wear it on many occasions, from the chic evening to the more casual one, by adding some incredible accessories.


Elegant looks with the kimono

Summer 2023 was for me the season of the slip dress, a super feminine must-have that accompanies you all over the year. It slides well on the body, it is simple and refined at the same time. I like wearing the kimono in two ways, leaving it open over a fitted dress or closed at the waist with a belt that emphasizes the silhouette.


Casual look with the kimono

The kimono can dress up jeans outifts and casual looks if it is made of silk and has a special pattern. What’s more, with the right accessories, it instantly glams up an otherwise simple look. This casual and chic mix goes straight into the wish list of women over 40 and over 50 who do not want to give up their beloved denim trousers, but look for that precious touch that makes them feel special.


Short or long kimonos?

Generally, long garments are better suited to taller women, but you should pay attention to the size of the fabric patterns that may seem endless on many centimetres of fabric. I like the long kimono when it replaces the duster coat in the middle seasons, paired with the white T-shirt and jeans, where neutral colours balance its coloured pattern. It also replaces the shirt dress if you wear it with a belt at the waist that enhances the silhouette.


The short kimono is perhaps easier to pair, just like a cardigan or a standard jacket. In any case, short or long, kimonos renew basic garments with their geometric and floral prints, glam up the most casual outfit and are a good compromise between comfort and elegance.

See you soon, dear readers!

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