Have you already thought about the Christmas outfit?

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There are very few days left to the most beautiful time of the year, and like the poor Cinderella, we have already mentally organized the Christmas dinner, wrapped the presents beneath the tree, tidy up the whole house. But what about the Christmas outfit? Have you already thought about it, or have you postponed it to the last second? Maybe it’s at the end of the long list of the things to do. It happens to all mothers and workers, with a busy schedule from morning to night. Here I am, then, to suggest my Christmas outfits, all sustainable, to be made with the clothing inside your closet, ready to make you shine with elegance.


The Christmas outfit for women over 40 and over 50 looking for a compromise between comfort and elegance is essentially balanced. It recycles the showiest garments already present in the wardrobe and combines them cleverly with basic or neutral pieces. It talks about conscious fashion by using the imagination to mix and match the garments belonging to us for a long time.

The items to focus our attention on

Start by choosing a bold piece, around which to build the whole outfit for Christmas. It is the one that highlights the upper or lower part of the body and, in a complementary way, must be combined with simple and neutral garments in the remaining part, to create the look suitable for parties at home or the restaurant. Among the items I prefer the most, there are light tops in shiny silk that I often wear on summer evenings, but also light blouses in lace, to be completed with the classic blazer or the cardigan, to which I add a black or beige pencil skirt. But if you have a pear or apple body you can go for flare or A-line styles in soft fabrics. Or choose mini-dresses combined with skinny pants and a jacket, also suitable for those who have an apple physique.

For those who cannot do without trousers, classic models are just perfect, accompanied by a belt with a jewel buckle that emphasizes the feminine shapes. The Christmas outfit that focuses on shirts or blouses is particularly suitable for women who want to highlight the bust and keep it simple in the part with more roundness, to dress in neutral and basic garments.

The lean column body shape body, the inverted triangle and the thin hourglass can opt for a Christmas outfit built around sequin, tulle or lace skirts, pants in metallic fabrics and smooth shiny velvet, those pieces that sparkle and bring joy to the party. The balanced look continues with the choice of tops and more basic items, ranging from the classic white shirt to the black sweater, inserting the neutral elements in the shades that best flatter each complexion.

Some other advice…

The choice of a Christmas outfit starts from the concept that the dress we are going to wear while containing precious elements different from uniforms and everyday looks has the task of enhancing our personality. It does not necessarily have to be a colourful and showy dress from head to toe; it should stand out who wears it. It’s kind of like saying we will have to be remembered not for the dress but for the way we looked good in that dress. Class and personal style arise thanks to the small things that make us shine and not to the objects that shine in our place. Accessories also play a considerable role in any Christmas outfit. Precious necklaces, jewels that call to mind emotions, accompanied by footwear suitable for the party, with or without the heel.


After all the time spent devoting ourselves to family, work and many other commitments, I think we all deserve a nice Christmas outfit!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year, dear readers!


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