Gorgeous looks with the white blouse

camicia bianca e jeans

(Photo by Pinterest) When spring arrives, one of the items I most look for in my wardrobe is the white blouse. Such a versatile and useful garment, that’s true, but what we underestimate is that it can be easy to fall into the banal when creating looks with basic garments like this. To get an idea of what I am saying, wear a white shirt with a pencil or a A-shaped skirt and look yourself in the mirror. You will feel that something is missing. Then, add accessories, from the silk scarf to the precious necklace, from bracelets to the coloured belt and finish with a pair of special shoes. How do you feel now, can you see how the look has completely changed?

white blouse and denim
white blouse and denim, Pinterest

The white blouse is all this, an extremely versatile garment, but also a boringly anonymous item. It is up to us to choose which side to go, but after 40 and 50, it’s necessary to create more polished looks and avoid appearing washed out. Stay tuned then and discover some useful tips that could improve your outfit, tomorrow, before leaving home!

The white blouse paired with elegant or casual skirts

The long, wide or pleated skirt paired with the white shirt, a truly chic interpretation with strong contrasts, between a female garment and one that traditionally belongs to the male wardrobe, between fluid and less soft fabrics. To highlight your waist and shapes add a belt, that extra detail that will make you look more stylish.

white blouse and long skirt
white blouse and long skirt, Pinterest

I also like the white shirt with the denim skirt. Pencil styles, my preferred ones, work better on lean column body shapes. The white blouse adds that elegant detail to this casual garment, to the point that you can wear this combo to go to office, for sure on Friday, following the American tradition of casual Friday. Do not forget another gorgeous denim skirt, the long one and A-shaped style, which is just perfect on many body shapes. What do you think about it?

white blouse and denim skirt
white blouse and denim skirt, Pinterest

The white blouse for a formal look

When we speak about formal looks we immediately think of work uniforms. What we can do, just to break the monotony of everyday uniforms, is add some original pieces. An oversized white shirt, a pair of trendy sneakers, those casual elements that won’t make you unnoticed and that will change your trouser suit. With a pair of classic trousers, go for a special white shirt, for fabric or style, where the details stand out, from the lace, the mother of pearl buttons, the bow collar or the puff sleeves.

camicia bianca e pantalone eelegante
white blouse and elegant pants

The white blouse and the slip dress

Have you ever thought about this combo? It really works! For those with a long and slim physique, wearing a white shirt under the slip dress is unique and stylish, as long as the dress slides well on the hips without creating unsightly creases. It is the ideal solution for those who want to wear light clothing even in middle seasons, for transitioning into colder months. For those who are more curvy, the white blouse works better if it is worn unbuttoned on the dress, like a jacket. And if you roll up the sleeves and go for sneakers, the look becomes even more casual.

white blouse and slip dress
white blouse and slip dress, Pinterest

The white blouse and the denim pants

How to take the casual style up a notch? With the white shirt! The look changes completely, the denim pants become more stylish, especially if we add the jacket we love most. The shoes that drive us crazy, the accessories and the bag, those fashion items we cannot do without!

white blouse and denim pants
white blouse and denim pants, Pinterest


Wear the white shirt with originality and above all have fun experimenting with new combinations. In doubt you know where to find me! See you soon!


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