Go for boho style when the days become brighter

How many times have you heard of the boho style and how many times about the gipsy style? So many foreign terms to identify what? The kind of look that often appears in Spring and Summer and that calls to mind the gypsy mood. If you only pronounce it, you can perceive even the colours and the joy of the 60ies. These two styles have something in common. The boho style borrows from the gipsy long and colourful skirts, the love for nature that emerges from the floral prints and the paisley patterns, the desire of freedom suggested by soft fabrics, fringes and tassels that flutter in the wind. Everything seems so simple, but nothing is left to chance and every single piece is designed to create an apparently gypsy look, however very accurate in details, just as I like it.

I also like to mix the boho style with elegant and refined items. To which I often add some denim items. The trousers are perfect together with a special fringe top or a nice blouse with tassels. And to make the outfit glam and elegant simply choose jewelled sandals, wear large and showy sunnies that do not let your gaze shine through.

If you prefer, instead, a more female item like the skirt, well, you have a special opportunity. Boho style skirts are unique with those unusual patterns created by paisleys and flowers.  You can pair the skirt with basic and sober tops, to create the elegant outfit suitable for women over 40. So, go for the denim jacket or the biker jacket for cooler days, the white t-shirt. Add flat sandals. So precious that you will be recognized by the feet, provided you have had pedicure and applied coloured polish on your nails!



Boho accessories can give that touch of glam to classic and sober outfits. If you want to make your top more special go for a coloured necklace with tassels, add a fringe handbag. I’ve chosen some items just to get you this idea.


Enjoy the weekend, dear readers!


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