Four sporty chic looks you won’t miss

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Good morning, dear readers! Here I am, after the two operations that have changed my life in the last 10 days. I missed you, but I was very weak and couldn’t write any posts. Now, after the “tagliatelle” and the special dishes by my mother, the “cappelletti” by my friend Gra, I’m no longer a zombie and finally I’m here, sitting in front of the computer, to torment you with what is blowing in my head. Sporty chic, this is the topic of today, a comfortable and elegant style that for me in these days is a real necessity, since my belly does not get along with my beloved, shrink to fit, faux leather pants. This style is truly unique, perfect for the over 40 woman who is always running and splashes every day like a rocket towards a super-challenging day. And if there is a way to do it with a suit in a refined and special fabric, with fantastic sneakers, well, we are all happier.

I’ve thought about four really special sporty chic outfits, each of which revolves around a specific sporty item that you certainly have in your wardrobe, from sneakers to sweatpants, from sweatshirts to leggings. The basic rule is to elevate the tone of the sporty look, calibrate casual and refined items. Follow my advice and adopt this style in those days when you can not really get too dressed up and you need comfortable clothes that will pamper you a bit’.

The sporty chic look with sneakers shoes

Let’s start right from my beloved pair of shoes, the sneakers, not just any pair, but those in metallic or precious fabric, with a tapered line, in short, a pair of shoes slightly different from that you use to go to the gym. Everything else, however, must be really chic, from the dress to the accessories, where the central theme is that of the same colour, if your goal is still to get a balanced and refined look. For those who do not like skirts: wear sneakers shoes with Prince of Wales or fresh wool trousers for a unique and ultra-elegant result.

The sporty chic look with sweatpants

Of course you can! Overalls, sweatpants and stiletto heels is no longer a new combo! The best tip when wearing sports pants is to combine them with elegant garments on the upper body and calibrate your look in a perfect mix of casual and chic clothes. Go for refined fabrics, including silks, cashmere and embellish the look with unique accessories.

The sporty chic look with the sweatshirt

You could not miss the combo with the sweatshirt, you certainly have it in your wardrobe, one of the most popular sporty items! You can give some dignity to this garment, combining it with skirts in precious fabrics, fashionable boots, in short, many chic pieces that will make you look special. The result will be surprising, a practical and refined look with strong contrasts, where the colour harmonizes all the differences.

The sporty chic look with leggings

The low cost clothing item that we all have in the closet, an ultra comfortable and extremely basic garment, so difficult to match out of casual looks. If leggings are made by technical or shiny fabrics, they can be better used for different purposes. And the main rule still remains that of enriching and refining the look. How? With a long thigh-length shirt, in silk and with a decorated or embroidered collar, with precious ankle boots and a refined bag. Playing on black and white for a look where nothing is left to chance.


Have you found what suits you best? I really hope so! See you next time, dear readers!


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