Four inspiring looks for transitioning into Spring

outfit rosa e blu primaverile

What beautiful sunny days! It seems that Spring has already come! And how many cool looks we’d like to wear! But colder temperatures are to come again, according to March weather. We all are fed up with Winter outfits but wearing cotton clothes is still premature. As it often happens, the solution stands in the middle, which means with the heavy dress on, more fresh with brighter accessories that make us shine a bit every day.

I’ve prepared some really special looks that can inspire you from dawn to sunset. They all share layering, so helpful when it comes to mid-season. A jacket, a cardigan are really needed in the coldest moments of the day and can be stylish too. Take notes, dear readers! Choose the looks for your best occasions!

pink long A-shaped jacket

The look for the office

A trouser suit, in a bright yellow colour inspires positive vibes. Paired with a blue sweater in a warm fabric it’s just perfect for the month of March. To complete the outfit I’ve chosen technical fabric sneakers and a squared bag in the same colour of the sweater, accessories that add personality to the outfit. It’s perfect for the lean column body shape woman, who likes mixing elegant and casual styles.

If you are enough curvy, a better solution stands in using darker colours for the suit and brighter colours for the accessories. In this case I’ve opted for the classic blue suit, refreshed by orange, one of the trendiest shades of this Spring. The result won’t be unnoticed, at least by your “dear” envious colleagues!

The look for your free time

How long has it been since you last met your best friend? A unique opportunity, I dare say, to carve out a space all for yourselves, after a busy day spent with the kids and the family, at work and in the kitchen! Are you going to have a coffee in tracksuit? Well, if it’s in silk fabric and you want to pair it with fabulous shoes, I could even turn a blind eye. But considering that among you there is certainly someone who thinks that she can go there in pyjamas, I have prepared two solutions against sloppy clothes. The first one is for those who will never renounce the denim outfit, however elevated by the silk bow tie shirt and the blazer. Accessories in the same shade of pink tell about your personality, that of a woman who chooses comfort and never denies class and style.

The second look is dedicated to a different kind of woman, with a lively and strong personality. The central item is the orange skirt, a true must-have for this Spring, followed by the black top with bright red stripes around the short sleeves. If you are very sensitive to the cold you could wear a white shirt or a black turtleneck under this special sweater. The branded accessories complete the outfit with their refined uniqueness.

The look for a special occasion

Where did you put the black dress you wore on New Year’s Eve? It’s time to take it out for a special dinner, an anniversary that is worth remembering. In these months of transition into the beautiful season, the keyword is colour and which shade is better than pink to refresh your evening dress! And create a look that must be impress your partner!

Have a good start to March, dear readers! Enjoy the crisp, refreshing spring air and get ready for unique and special occasions!


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