Five special looks with the elegant jacket

outfit rosa e blu primaverile

How many times have you tried that elegant jacket you purchased for a formal occasion and then immediately took it off because the whole look seemed too serious? Maybe it was for its classic colour, blue or black, often associated with work uniforms, maybe that colour made you look a bit washed-out. It also happened to me, dear readers! And here I am to find how to wear that jacket again and make it become a real must have for many looks, from morning to night. With the right pairing, however.

long dress, blazer and sneakers, Pinterest
long dress, blazer and sneakers, Pinterest

Before speaking about combos, we should understand which is the most suitable elegant jacket for our body shape and how to make the most of a jacket that is already part of our wardrobe. Let’s start with the colour of the jacket, which should be chosen from among those that enhance our complexion. Black is perfect for the winter type woman, but if you do not belong to that type and are relentlessly fascinated by it, you must bear in mind that black can make you appear tired and washed-out. It is therefore necessary to add some colour under your face, with a patterned scarf or a top to wear under the jacket.

total black look with white top
total black look with white top

The length of the jacket

Another important element that can make the difference is the length of this classic garment, which often depends on fashion trends. As for you, do not follow the trends, but choose the length that best suits your body, by remembering that the hem should never end at the largest part of your body. So, if you have a lean column body shape you can go for long jackets, if you are a “pear” or if you are looking for something that elongates your figure, your best jackets are shorter. Then there are the waisted jackets, perfect for those who have a thin waist and beautiful feminine curves like the hourglass woman. Structured and shaped jackets work well on thin women too, because they create the illusion of curves. The elegant double-breasted jacket is just perfect on those who have a thinner upper body, by creating volume and balancing the proportions.

The elegant jacket for the evening

Finding the right outerwear for the evening dress can be difficult, especially when we have to deal with mid-calf or long dresses. The elegant jacket is perfect, it divinely matches longer dresses, the whole outfit will result in an incredible mix between a super feminine and chic garment and a classic jacket that traditionally comes from the male wardrobe.

long dress and elegant jacket, Pinterest
long dress and elegant jacket, Pinterest

The elegant jacket for the casual chic look

Now more than ever, with brightest and longest days, the elegant jacket can be worn instead of puffers and coats. Perfect with jeans, T-shirts and sneakers, or with gorgeous heels, for a casual look that becomes more and more chic, thanks to special accessories too, like jewels and bags! I also like it with the sweatshirt worn under the jacket, for a more creative and original look, a great alternative to the classic blouse.

jeans e blazer
Jeans and blazer, Pinterest

The elegant jacket for the formal occasion

From the office to the job interview, from the conference to the meeting with the teachers of your children, the elegant jacket is the right choice, it contributes to create a look that speaks of your personality, and above all of elegance, order, attention, care. My favorite combos are with the little black dress or with the A-shaped dress, or with denim pants, a silk shirt and medium-heeled shoes. The results are perfect combinations between elegance and personality, with the accessories that elevate the look a little more.

tubino nero e giacca
little black dress and blazer

See you soon, dear readers!


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