Female body shapes

The female body shapes… How many times have you thought “I would like to have a body like hers!” Maybe too many times while reading a fashion magazine or watching a movie. The fact is that it’s a fairly common tendency to look for beauty elsewhere and not in ourself. Your body has nothing wrong. Of course you need to help it with a healthy diet so that you do not have to spend hours and hours in the gym, or go on a diet, or worse start thinking about surgery. What I would like to tell you is that each one of us was born with very personal physical characteristics, where curved or straight lines prevail, and these features together with our character belong to us only and stand out from the others.

Starting from this point of view, you must  look at your body with a new perspective, leaving the flaws apart. Which means that every body shape has special features that must be highlighted. In order to do that it’s important to know the features of every body shape. The most recurring female body shapes are 5: the lean column or rectangle, the triangle or pear-shaped, the round or the apple-shaped, the inverted triangle, the hourglass. The names themselves give hints about the main characteristiques. Let’s find them together:

The lean column or the rectangle woman

She generally has flat hips and a flat bottom, a very little waist definition. She’s got the figure of a catwalk woman and she is mostly noticed for being tall, lean and slim. But she has not many curves so she must create, through the right outfit, the illusion of curves. Structured and shaped jackets work well on this shape, also trousers with pockets and details, A-shape dresses and skirts. Having a straight body she should concentrate on geometric patterns like vertical stripes, checks and also paisleys. Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore have a lean column body shape.

The triangle or pear-shaped

Among the different female body shapes, the pear-shaped or triangle is the one that is characteristic of the Mediterranean area, and her body has more volume around the hips and thighs. She has a well defined waist, which is one of her winning cards and gives her the possibility to wear shaped and waist length jacket, shirt or  t-shirt worn inside trousers and skirts. She should balance her proportions by giving volume to the top half of her body. She can put details, collars, pockets, buttons to highlight her jackets and tops, she is the one that can use horizontal stripes on the top, but she must avoid details on the bottom half of her body and opt for plain trousers or trousers with side zip. Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful pear-shaped woman.

The round or apple woman

The round woman has generally great legs, and sometimes she doesn’t know that! She is so worried about her weight that she believes that baggy clothes can hide some kilos bust it’s exactly the contrary. She can wear A-line dresses, wrap skirts that highlight her legs, she can choose cardigan style jackets. Among the different female body shapes, thi is the one that should avoid details over the tummy area, stiff fabrics, and choose fluid fabrics that hang well and don’t hug her figure. Among the female body shapes that are clear examples of round woman there are the singer Adele and the actress Queen Latifah.

The inverted triangle

The inverted triangle has great shoulders and her bottom half seems to be smaller than the top half. Halternecks are perfect on her, and she can wear any style of trousers with details and pockets and pleated skirts,  to accentuate her bottom. Remember that if you are an inverted triangle you don’t need shoulder padded jackets! Look at Angiolina Jolie to understand the main features of the inverted triangle woman.

The hourglass

The hourglass is the most feminine body and has all the curves in the right place. She should  wear clothes that follow her lines like wrap dresses or bias cut dresses. She must choose fabrics carefully: the fact that she has curves means that she has to wear light weight fabrics, better cut on the bias to accomodate the curves. She should avoid bulky clothes and man’s clothing which risk to add weight on her beautiful body. One of the most popular movie stars of the past, Marylin Monroe represented the hourglass shaped woman. Today, one of Woody Allen’s muses, Scarlett Johansson belongs to this kind of woman.

And… which female body shape do you have?


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