Fashionable coats and puffer jackets for over 40 women

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(Picture from Pinterest) This winter, among the characteristics suggested by the most fashionable coats and puffer jackets we find volume and color. I know some of you may be scared by the idea of extra sizes given away by this year’s splendid outerwear.

blue coat, Pinterest
blue coat, via Pinterest

But the fact is that fashion has acquired a fundamental role in communication, and when it deals with time of crisis like this one triggered by the spread of a virus, it manages to unveil articles related with the concepts of abundance, wealth and happiness. Thus, on the fashion catwalks, the wide lines multiply, the lengths exceed the knee, the quilts and the many details are so popular. Together with the colors that will make us smile on a foggy day. For those who prefer classic styles, there are also the timeless coats and puffer jackets in neutral shades that look good on everyone, with straight and long shapes. Among these the white outerwear stands out, a symbol of purity and propensity for change.

white puffer, Pinterest
white puffer jacket, via Pinterest

The teddy coat

I could spend hours caressing a faux fur coat that makes me think of my favorite teddy bear. Which stayed with me until the eve of my wedding! The teddy coat, so soft and with a wide line, brings joy and smells of pampering. Since you wear it. If you want to achieve a more balanced look, combine it with slim-line garments, such as skinny jeans, thin and light dresses. Also consider the colors: powder pink and light blue are not too flashy and get together well with casual and chic looks.

teddy coat
teddy coat, via Pinterest

The long coat

Exaggerated coats are fascinating but for those who are petite it is better to choose a garment that is more proportionate to the figure, not too long and just below the knee. The woman with the hourglass body and the one with the pear shape can choose to wear this garment with a belt at the waist that enhances the silhouette. As for the colors, the neutral shades like beige, gray or black are perfect for the over 40 woman looking for an elegant and classy look.

long coat, Pinterest
long coat, via Pinterest

The puffer jacket

The down jacket creates volume for every body type, but thanks to this characteristic it protects us from the cold. Among the tips to mark in the notebook: cruelty-free jackets and colors that become darker with the increasing of the length, if you fear the too much volume effect. Otherwise, go for bright colors for shorter jackets, prefer waist-length if you have a pear or a hourglass body. Among this year’s selections there is also the cape, how amazing! Do you like it?

puffer jacket, Pinterest
puffer jacket, via Pinterest

The faux fur coat

Teddy coats and faux fur coats often look alike. And as far as volume is concerned, the same considerations apply. However, animalier prints and bright colors should be avoided, they really multiply the quantity effect. But if you really can’t do without them, consider the vest, the sleeveless jacket, which counterbalances the whole garment and opt for combinations with clothes in neutral colors. The A-shape style and the cape are classic coats and go well with looks that highlight legs, like tights, leggings, skinny jeans.

faux fur coat, Pinterest
faux fur coat, via Pinterest

An item of clothing can also offer some joy, a daydream when you feel well dressed. This year’s coats and puffer jackets want to guide us towards a better future, wrapping us in warm volumes and pleasant colors. Have fun with fashion, dear readers and above all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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