Fashion jelly sandals for your special looks

sandali di gomma glitterati

The weather is amazingly hot these days, so hot that you just need to stay at home with air conditioning running constantly. Which is not good for our health. We’d better go to the beach, enjoy the sea breeze and take a refreshing swim! But I hope you do not want to attend any beach establishment with banal jelly sandals or, worse with old slippers. Aren’t you going to spoil the look I showed you in the last post, the one with the silk sarong and that fabulous one piece swimsuit? Dear readers, even when we talk about jelly sandals and slippers, style falls are not allowed, on the contrary we need to find the added quality that can elevate such a cheap material like the plastic jelly.

Jelly sandals make me think about my childhood, my father’s Fiat 500 car, so incredibly crammed to contain my mother and aunt in the front seats and us, four children in the back seats, all happy and smiling even without air conditioning. My sandals were made of transparent plastic jelly, those of my brother were dark blue and both looked like a feet cage. We used to wear them to walk on the cliffs and shells and I couldn’t imagine they would become so trendy.

sandalo Avajanas color oro
Avajanas Luna jelly sandals in many colours, from 12,91 Euros

I must admit, however, that styles have been completely transformed, today’s fashion jelly sandals have more feminine shapes with coloured and glitter soles. The decorations, above all, are so nice and fresh, small summer items in the shape of shells, flowers and fruits. They are so beautiful that fashion addicted girls wear them to walk in dowmtown, pair them with fabulous jelly purse and handbags.

sandalo di gomma trasparente con fiocco rosso
jelly transparent shoes with red bowknot, from 10,07 Euros
sandali di gomma trasparente decorati a ricamo
jelly shoes, from 9,21 Euros

The best news about these iconic sandals stand in the price. Apart from the most expensive brands, there’s a wide choice of gorgeous items that you can really buy simply with a few Euros, such fashionable shoes that can be worn for many occasions and not only to go to the beach. As for me, I like to wear elegant dresses with my special fluo jelly sandals for a quick grocery shopping. I usually add my retro plastic handbag to make the look fresher, following the vibes and frivolity of this beautiful summer!

sandali e borsa di gomma con vestito elegante

Let’s give space to my special choice of fashion jelly sandals and bags from Amazon website, for all tastes and budgets! Have fun, dear readers!

fashion jelly bags and slippers
fashion jelly bags and slippers


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