Fashion face masks to fight COVID-19 with a smile

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(Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels) Talking about fashion face masks was unthinkable until a few months ago. But May 4th is close and during phase two of the Covid-19 emergency they could become part of our daily lives as indispensable accessories. For this reason some fashion factories have thought about changing their production and started making these useful and trendy items. Which are good for the mood with their colours and give a smile to those we meet. To whom our smile responds, even if it must be hidden for a while, but which communicates through the eyes.

Before speaking about fashion, it must be said, we have always to protect our health. Fashion face masks do not have the same performance as the FFP2 and FFP3 compliant masks, used by healthcare professionals who deal with potential infected people. And they cannot always replace surgical masks, so to speak, the disposable ones, which do not completely protect against external agents, but which prevent the wearer from spreading his own particles into the environment and which, if used by everyone, can guarantee mutual protection.

So why talk about fashion face masks if they don’t fall into any of these categories? The aesthetic aspect is very important from a psychological point of view. Personal care should not be underestimated especially when we are conditioned by causes of force majeure in all our choices. Being able to customize a device that we have not chosen and that has been imposed on us for the health of all helps our personality, contributes to our general well-being, gives a sense of fulfillment and self-affirmation. So, in phase 2 towards which we are heading, the ordinary citizen who does not have specific professional needs can think of using fahion face masks to prevent the spreading of particles in the air and add some personal style. And for a greater safety, you could also think of wearing them over the surgical mask.

Why choose fashion face masks

The advantage of fashion face masks is that they can be washed and reused. COVID-19 fell like a boulder at a time when the whole world was awakening on the issues of environment and pollution, on the importance of the circular economy also in the fashion industry to market and bring industrial waste to new life, to recover unused fabrics. A small piece of cloth can make the difference on a global level and why not, it could become a job opportunity to those who have tailoring skills and are temporarily unemployed at home. And internet helps with the many tutorials on how to make face masks.

How to choose fashion face masks

For some time, the most important fashion brands have put their designer masks on the market. These are rather expensive items, some decorated with precious embroidery. Considering that sterilization involves frequent washing with soap or boiling, my advice is to move towards cotton or fabric products which, while ensuring breathability, filtration and cleaning, can resist wear. For those who want to buy them online, my tips is to choose a mask that enhances the look and the complexion, now more than ever that you cannot use a nice lipstick.

Do not forget mascara and eyeshadow to beautify your eyes, just like many women who wear a veil on the face according to their religion. Go for small patterns and your best colours (in doubts you can visit the blog page dedicated to colours). Surfing the web I have seen some trikinis, that is to say bikini and matching mask. Well, every cute initiative meets my approval! Because they give a smile, they distract from this strong sense of precariousness that oppresses us from everywhere and lead us to smile even more with our eyes.

Remember that the eyes are the mirror of the soul! Let your eyes shine with joy the next time you leave the house!


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