Fashion boots to be eyed up for next Winter sales

When Winter arrives, speaking about fashion boots is a real need. With temperatures close to zero, the passion for shoes that we all share turns into a real necessity that covers the guilt from compulsive shopping, justified by the excuse that “these boots keep my feet so warm!” The fact is that the pair of fashion boots that made us lose our mind certainly will not protect us from the cold, maybe it will also cause us some problems in the joints, but it will have the magic power of the headache tablet that wipes out every concerns and makes us feel so easy and at the top like never before.

red boots

Fashion boots have just these beneficial effects. Surely on me! And this year there are boots really for all tastes and styles, to eye up now and buy after Christmas holidays, during Winter sales. Some styles are real evergreen and will return on the catwalk in next seasons too. Which means that we must focus our attention towards them, because they will enrich our future looks. In the next lines, you will find, therefore, some fashion styles of this Winter edition, those that occasionally come back, just like the boots I wear in these pictures, which I bought some years ago.

leo skirt and heel boots

In this post I have added also some styles that are a bit ‘more extravagant, but definitely unique, for those who want to write to Santa Claus something about their wish list. Have a look and take some notes! As for me, I would really buy them all!

Print fashion boots

Red and white boots, but also those in tartan and animal print. Those in plain colour must be for sure in the wish list, because they are the shoes you will wear next Spring too, especially if they are made of fabrics like the sock booties, so glam with the sharp point and the thin heel. White boots with squares heels are one of the best trends of this Winter, maybe a bit showy, but really nice if you want to refresh your winter outfits based mainly on dark colours. Another must have of this season is the red colour. So, let me say that a pair of red boots makes the outfit! Among the fashion prints, the tartan is certainly a great entry but a bit difficult to wear, so, go for plain colour looks if you do not want to run the risk of mixing strange combinations. Same advice for the animal print: leo and zebra print booties are wounderful, but pair them with denim or total black looks for a stunning and elegant result. 

The Fashion boots from Texas

 Forgive my presumption but I believe that fashion designers have thought of me or have never stopped thinking about me, because Texan boots have always been a part of my life since I was a young student! For many reasons! The heel is stylish and comfy, these boots can be paired with my beloved denim trousers and also with flared long skirts and fitting sweaters. The black colour is still an evergreen, the tobacco colour suede is one of this year’s trends. Some Texan boots are also very rock and glam with the many buckles and studs that make them so special and unique.

stivali moda

The fashion boots above the knee

 When I bought my first pair of cuissard boots I was immediately criticized by an envious colleague. I was dressed all the way! Later on, I understood that this kind of boots, being so showy, produce a strange reaction, above all if they are combined with skimpy outfits. This year’s fashion introduces them both with high and flat heels. I prefer flat styles that can be worn all day. If you are looking for a refined and classy outfit suitable for the over 40 woman avoid wearing the cuissard with tight and short dresses, instead, go for larger styles like the A-shaped dress or the bias cut.


And now that you have seen what to look for have a stroll in downtown, look at the many shop windows and let me know!
See you soon, dear readers! 

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