Fashion accessories that never go out of style

(Photo by Stocksnap from Pixabay) Fashion accessories have always been my favourite items, almost more than clothing. Perhaps for the passion for details that prefers belts, jewellery and bags. Then, there are gorgeous timeless fashion accessories, those that always help me any time «I have nothing to wear» and change the most basic look, from the jeans and t-shirt outfit to the more formal trouser suit. In the wide range of fashion accessories, there are some iconic items to look for. They can become affordable even for our small budget when they circulate on the websites of pre-loved fashion. And they are virtuous too, following the rules of sustainability and recycling.

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Oversized sunglasses

Glasses with smoky lenses surrounded by a special frame make a statement and speak of beauty, class and mystery. They also frame the face, give harmony and proportion, and hide some flaws and wrinkles. And above all, they are part of the look, playing a decisive role in the style and giving confidence. Choose round or squared styles,  depending on the shape of your face. If you want to deepen the topic and understand which model best flatters you go to the following blog pages:

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The belt

A belt that elevates the look is definitely the accessory we should not miss in our wardrobe. You can add it to your favourite denim to turn the casual look into something chicer. It brings a bit of freshness to the formal dress in a plain colour. Around the waist and over a classic jacket it is like the icing on the cake. For these reasons, it’s better to choose the belt with a special buckle, embroidered with stones or with the branded logo.

The shoulder bag

How many bags for the day and for the evening still tempt me, how difficult is the choice of the perfect bag! Over the years, I have discovered that a bag with a golden or silver shoulder strap wins out. Small, medium or large size, you can wear it with almost anything. It is so versatile to be used with office attire and less formal occasions. At the same time, it enhances the more casual outfit with a step towards elegance. Plus, it is practical and worn over the shoulder you can do anything from carrying bags full of groceries to having your hands free and answering the phone. Is that enough to win your trust?

The silk scarf

A good scarf in a fine fabric that best enhances your colours is a good investment. You will wear it in every season, to complete the casual look of a woman over 40 who is looking for style even when she is off duty. And for the more whimsical girls, it becomes a colourful belt on classic and timeless jeans. If you are unsure which one to buy, remember that it doesn’t have to be branded, it just has to be perfect for your colours.

The watch

I do not wear the watch very often, I do like many people who use the handy to find out what time it is. But I am sure that you too have a watch of a priceless value, given by your beloved one, that waits to mark the important moments of your day. It is time to wear it again, for what it represents and because, after all, it still is a beautiful bracelet that goes with the other jewels of your outfit.

The items I have proposed are used. My advice is to check the truth of the information and ask questions to individual sellers. For luxury items, then, it is always good to pay a small fee for shipping with authentication which consists in having the item delivered to a control team that verifies its authenticity before sending it to us.

Have a nice evening dear friends!


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