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Fall shoes

Are you sorry because you have to greet your beautiful embellished sandals for the Fall shoes? Would you like to still wear open shoes to show off the last shiny nail polish? Do not despair, my dear readers! I too understands these little sorrows. So I’ve been working for you and for me, to find those really special Fall shoes that will not make you long for past summer days. Are you ready for new colours, warm shades that remind you of the autumn forest? Well, follow me on this page, where you will find my advice on Fall shoes, but also on accessories for this wonderful season of transition.

On this page you will find my tips about Fall shoes! Enjoy it!

The must have that will make your office look so different

sciarpa colorata
must have

What a bore wearing the same uniform every day! I could not do it, I would get depressed. When I think of uniforms, except for that of Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman and that of Tom Cruise in Topgun, I imagine a big black-tinted brush that overwhelms me from head to toe, sticking me on the asphalt. But some of you may believe that uniforms are a good solution to the daily question “What I can wear today?”. Anyway, dear readers, admit at least that uniforms can stifle your personality. So here I come, for uniform lovers to upset their life with a bit of freshness and joy, for those who are in the bad mood every morning before going to work to find the smile they have lost! … Keep on reading at the dedicated page to discover which must have are really essentials.

How to wear this autumn colour palette after 40

this autumn colour palette
this autumn colour palette

How much light and joy on the catwalks of this autumn/winter fashion! Such a rich colour palette has never been seen before  in colder months! Brilliant I would say, especially for those like me who love colours and patterns, so special to give some brightness to the darkest days of the year. But what I like most about this coloured fashion is that there is really a special colour for everyone, the one that flatters any complexion! The colours worn by the beautiful girls on the catwalk tell of warm lands and autumn woods through the greens and the browns, but also of cold and electric environments: the fluorescent yellow and the spicy curry shade that tends to orange, the powder blue and the electric blue, the Ferrari red and the wine red, the powder pink and the brightest sorbet pink, but also the delicate shade of the lilac. And then the silver and the marble gray … Discover how to wear this autumn colour palette at the dedicated page.

The animalier print is back to tempt you

animalierThe animalier print is back! I could not but talk about it, because it’s really everywhere. A few days ago, while I was having a stroll along the famous Viale Ceccarini I really felt I was at the zoo. In the shop windows, there were many stunning outfits, so beautiful, but so hard to wear, especially for women over 40. Endless variety of prints, from zebra, leopard, python and giraffe too, even mixed together, in an incredibly gorgeous result. I must say that fashion designers have a real talent. As long as their works remain on the mannequins or on the girls of the catwalk! Indeed, the animalier pattern is so showy that it needs some rules, if you do not want to commit ruinous style and elegance mistakes. … Animalier print ideas at the dedicated page.




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