Fall jackets

The days have become shorter and the air is really crisp. Not to mention the mornings when you leave the house for work, when you get into the car… how cold is it! It’s time to look for the Fall jackets that will accompany us in this mid-season before the icy Winter. Of course, I’m speaking about perfect coats for over 40 women, so special for colours, shapes and styles.

On this blog page you will find Yourstyleover40’s tips on Fall jackets. Find out which style flatters your body shape and personality. Enjoy the reading!

The fashion jacket that flatters your body shape

fashion jackets
fashion jackets

Never before I’ve appreciated the Autumn season like now, with its slower rhythms, the still mild temperatures, the countryside dressed in warm shades where the yellows and the reds triumph. Fashion, then, really seems to offer many interpretations of one the garments I adore most, the jacket, the one that best matches my passion for mix and match styles, putting together different clothing items, trying, however, to create balanced outfits. And never before, the jacket has been used in such a lot of occasions, thanks also to the extraordinarily high temperatures, which postpone the use of heavy coats to colder winter days. In this wide variety of styles there’s certainly the perfect look for all body shapes and tastes. So stay tuned, dear readers, I’ve prepared the list right for your figure, because I do not intend to leave you unprepared for next Black Friday’s bargain! … Keep on reading on the blog, discover your best fashion jacket!


That special jacket that will change your look

jackets that change your look

Good morning my dear readers! The September crisp air could only inspire, to a woman so sensitive to the cold like me, a post entirely dedicated to the jacket, but not to any jacket, to The One that will change and sparkle your look. Perfect for mid-seasons, essential to create stylish and refined outfits. What I would like to tell you, today, is that you should create an outfit out of the usual stereotypes and expectations linked to the image of the over 40 woman, often defined into classic and a bit serious looks. It is good to get out of these clichés to mix styles and get endless possibilities, enjoy oneself and find, above all, that personal style that will make you feel at ease and appreciated by others, without forgetting class and elegance…. Keep on reading at the dedicated page, discover which special jacket will change your look!





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