Fall jackets and blazers

The days have become shorter and the air is really crisp. Not to mention the mornings when you leave the house for work, when you get into the car… how cold is it! It’s time to look for Fall jackets and blazers that will accompany us in this mid-season before the icy Winter. Of course, I’m speaking about perfect coats for over 40 women, so special for colours, shapes and styles.

On this blog page you will find Yourstyleover40’s tips on Fall jackets and blazers. Find out which style flatters your body shape and personality. Enjoy the reading!

Rainy day outfits to look chic and gorgeous

rainy day outfits

Talking about rainy day outfits while there is an incredibly blue sky outside seems out of place. Sooner or later, however, the gloomy days will come and in order not to be unprepared, I have decided to speak about this. Then, I would also like to silence once and for all those who say that an umbrella or a raincoat is enough to complete the rainy day outfits! On the dedicated page, I will talk about style and beauty without sacrificing comfort. To find that ray of sunshine that will brighten your day, with rainy day outfits to look chic and gorgeous.

How to style a dress for your body type

how to style a dress for your body type
how to style a dress for your body type

Outerwear can change the outfit from banal to amazing and above all, it can enhance our body assets. Worn with the dress that we like the most but that seems a bit too short or tight, jackets and cardigans can become the perfect allies. To wear on several occasions, on the coldest autumn days. To go deeper into this argument, I have decided to wear this fab dress and show it combined with three different items. In this way, you can see my tips on how to build new outfits considering the body shapes that we all should enhance and never hide!

Save and share my tips, read the new blog post on how to style dresses for your body type!

Autumn trends to wear and those to avoid

autumn trends to wear and to avoid
autumn trend to wear and to avoid

If you are going to read this post, maybe you do not yet know what to wear this fall among leather and vegan jackets, denim jackets and blazers. Actually, they are all back in fashion this fall 2021, and if you’re so lucky to have them in your wardrobe, you can build many gorgeous and cute outfits.

They are the ideal outerwear for the mid-season when the days get colder, and we want to continue to wear our most beautiful clothes, the light ones that made us dream during the summer.

Discover the autumn trends to wear and those to avoid to the dedicated page of the blog.

Genuine leather jacket or faux leather jacket?

genuine leather or faux leather jacket
genuine leather or faux leather jacket

Leather, eco-leather or semi-leather jacket? Are we really sure that what we are going to buy is also cruelty-free? And how do we put it, then, with sustainability? Are vegan items also sustainable? All these questions confuse our thoughts and finding an answer that matches our passion for fashion with that for the environment and the animal world is not at all easy. But being aware of what the market offers is the starting point for an intelligent and sensitive choice. On the blog, at this link, you will find lots of useful information on the topic of genuine leather jackets or clothing in other alternative materials. Enjoy the reading!

A perfect cardigan for every body shape

a cardi for transitioning into fall

The window is open and the light curtain flutters, letting in the golden rays of this gorgeous September afternoon. The green of the lawn, the perched castle overlooking the hill, the scent of a coffee, while I let my thoughts wander over time. September comes with a smile, the colours of the countryside fill the eyes. Hopeless romantic, looking for silk skirts or beloved jeans on cooler days. Always wrapped in a soft cardigan, though. Can you daydream and talk about fashion? Yes, sure. We must let ourselves be lulled by the sensations we like most, by emotions, by what makes us feel good and makes us feel beautiful. So, follow me on the blog, where I will talk about cardigans, how to wear them without making style mistakes.

Fall fashion must-haves, jackets and blazers to buy on Black Friday

shopping in paris
fall fashion must haves

Are you ready for Black Friday sales? Have you warned your hubby about the dangers of your next purchases? Because you have found gorgeous fall jackets and blazers at fantastic prices! Or at least you think you have! Read my post before diving into the jungle of mesmerizing sales! It is good to be rewarded with a gift every now and then, but thinking of it a bit is always better. On the blog, at the dedicated page, I have just published the post about the items on which it is really worth concentrating for the next Black Friday sales, among which there are jackets and blazers too, the fall fashion must-haves that will accompany you this year and also many other seasons in the future.

Click on the link above, make yourself comfortable on the sofa and take some notes!

Garçonne style after 40

trench maschile
garçonne style after 40

Dear friends! Speaking about jackets and blazers and trench coats, I need to talk about the garçonne style, a style that reminds me of my adolescence. I still like this trend that starts from menswear to turn it into women clothing. It is a style that comes from the elegant fashion of the younger boys and also from the slightly dandy one. Blazers, men’s trousers, trench coats, white shirts, in short, all those garments that belong by right to the universe of your partner and that can be interpreted in many ways, even to create the look for the office of us women over 40 and over 50.

Follow me on the blog, on the dedicated page to the garçonne style, to find out what I’ve chosen for you!

The long cardigan, why you can’t do without it

jackets and blazers
long cardigan and duster sweater

Good morning dear readers! Today I would like to talk about one of my favourite garments and those who know me are used to seeing me with it on since the first days of September. The long cardigan is becoming part of the must-haves in our closet. Because mid-seasons tend to lengthen. Sometimes it happens that in the span of a few hours you pass from the hot summer temperature to the colder and more wet ones. The wool cardigan, or the light knit duster, are garments that can be worn by all of us, with light and gorgeous dresses taken from our summer wardrobe or with the adorable denim pants that follow us in every season.

Grab my tips and click on the link to discover how to wear the long cardigan and the duster sweater.

Fashion jackets and blazers that flatter your body shape

fashion jackets and blazers
fashion jackets

Never before I’ve appreciated the Autumn season like now, with its slower rhythms, the still mild temperatures, the countryside dressed in warm shades where the yellows and the reds triumph. Fashion, then, really seems to offer many interpretations of one of the garments I adore most, the jacket, the one that best matches my passion for mix and match styles, putting together different clothing items, trying, however, to create balanced outfits. And never before, the jacket has been used on such a lot of occasions, thanks also to the extraordinarily high temperatures, which postpone the use of heavy coats to colder winter days. In this wide variety of styles, there’s certainly the perfect look for all body shapes and tastes.

So stay tuned, dear readers, I’ve prepared the list right for your figure, because I do not intend to leave you unprepared for next Black Friday’s bargain! … Keep on reading on the blog, discover your best fashion jacket!

That special jacket that will change your look

jackets and blazers for fall
jackets that change your look

Good morning my dear readers! The September crisp air could only inspire, to a woman so sensitive to the cold like me, a post entirely dedicated to the jacket, but not to any jacket, to The One that will change and sparkle your look. Perfect for mid-seasons, essential to create stylish and refined outfits. What I would like to tell you, today is that you should create an outfit out of the usual stereotypes and expectations linked to the image of the over 40 woman, often defined into classic and a bit serious looks. It is good to get out of these clichés to mix styles and get endless possibilities, enjoy oneself and find, above all, that personal style that will make you feel at ease and appreciated by others, without forgetting class and elegance…. Keep on reading at the dedicated page, discover which special jacket will change your look!



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