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Fall fashion for everyday

Is it already the time to spak about Fall fashion? The temperatures are lower these days, the morning air is particularly crisp, but also lovely, after the Summer heat! What can we wear, then? Already, the question becomes more and more complicated with the mid seasons. Which clothes do we choose? How to dress not to feel cold, without giving up class and elegance? I have so many ideas for you, girls, about Fall fashion for everyday! How many dresses are blending in my head! I would like to have more time and stay here for hours,  to tell you about my favourite looks!

On this page, you will find tips about Fall fashion for everyday, chosen by Yourstyleover40! Enjoy yourself!

Romantic style after 40

stile romantico con abito a fioriThe first storm of September cannot rub summer out! But it can make us a bit more romantic when you see the sunsets that colors the sky of pink, the nature that begins to be tinged with warm tones. And what’s better than floral dresses and shirts, lace and bows that emerge from clothes and accessories? All things we can still buy on sale and take with us in the next colder days to warm up the first gloomy days. Follow me, therefore, on the blog, at the page dedicated to romantic style for over 40 women! You will find some tips for your day looks! Enjoy the reading my dear romantic readers!


The floral blouse you will wear all year round

floral blouse
floral blouse

Have you ever wanted to stop time for a while to keep on breathing those special summer vibes? To me, It has been happening every single day since the middle of August, as soon as I clearly perceived how the days were inexorably shortening and those afternoons closed into the office were moving really closer to me. But clothing items that belong to summer and warm up with those special related memories can make a big difference. A beautiful blouse with flowers always puts you in a good mood, with those colours that bring light to your face, inspire smiles and make your scheduled time going by easier. 

Follow me then, to find out how to wear the floral blouse, at the dedicated page!

The short dress you won’t miss

short dress after 40
short dress after 40

Here we are, talking about the short dress when outside it’s really cold and we have already blown out 40 or 50 birthday candles. If you really believe that I’m exaggerating, think of the beautiful Sharon Stone, who began to shorten her dresses following the number of years. The short dress must belong to our closet, become part of those special garments that make us feel beautiful and attractive. On condition that it is a truly unique garment and also able to enhance our figure. Follow me, then, in my short tips’ list. …

Discover the best short dress for your body type, at the dedicated page.

The best street style outfits for the woman over 40

street style
street style outfits

Who knows how many times have you heard about street style in the last years! The style worn by the women walking down the most famous streets of New York or Milan, when during the fashion weeks, the beautiful models show next season’s looks. In the meantime Piazza Duomo or via della Spiga become the most sought-after catwalks by photographers, in search of stylish and ordinary people, who are not at all ordinary in their dresses and often long for being immortalized, in the hope that their looks will become trends. … Among the many popular street looks, those which outlive the week of crazy fall in love are also those more suited to women over 40. For this reason I have created for you some street style outfits according to this Fall fashion that you can wear to go to work every morning and to go out for special occasions. Discover the street style outfits at the dedicated page.

The must have that will make your office look so different

sciarpa colorata
must have

What a bore wearing the same uniform every day! I could not do it, I would get depressed. When I think of uniforms, except for that of Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman and that of Tom Cruise in Topgun, I imagine a big black-tinted brush that overwhelms me from head to toe, sticking me on the asphalt. But some of you may believe that uniforms are a good solution to the daily question “What I can wear today?”. Anyway, dear readers, admit at least that uniforms can stifle your personality. So here I come, for uniform lovers to upset their life with a bit of freshness and joy, for those who are in the bad mood every morning before going to work to find the smile they have lost! … Keep on reading at the dedicated page to discover which must have are really essentials.

How to wear this autumn colour palette after 40

this autumn colour palette
this autumn colour palette

How much light and joy on the catwalks of this Fall fashion! Such a rich colour palette has never been seen before  in colder months! Brilliant I would say, especially for those like me who love colours and patterns, so special to give some brightness to the darkest days of the year. But what I like most about this coloured fashion is that there is really a special colour for everyone, the one that flatters any complexion! The colours worn by the beautiful girls on the catwalk tell of warm lands and autumn woods through the greens and the browns, but also of cold and electric environments: the fluorescent yellow and the spicy curry shade that tends to orange, the powder blue and the electric blue, the Ferrari red and the wine red, the powder pink and the brightest sorbet pink, but also the delicate shade of the lilac. And then the silver and the marble gray … Discover how to wear this autumn colour palette at the dedicated page.

The floral dress you’ll wear this Autumn

floral dress for the Autumn

How beautiful are these days of October! The climate is still extraordinarily mild, the leaves colour of red and yellow the gray sidewalks, our clothes continue to cover us with coloured fabrics and joy. It’s a really fanciful Fall fashion that of this year, all intent on transitioning summer vibes into the coldest months, through prints and patterns ranging from animalier to checks, from the floral dress to the patchwork one. Because of its versatility, it meets the most different tastes. And among all his interpretations, the floral dress is definitely the most popular and easy one to wear for the over 40 woman. I have chosen some really simple outfits and I’m inviting you to wear them, to let the blacks and grays rest still for a while at the bottom of your closet. … Keep on reading about the floral dress at the dedicated page.

How to dress up your favourite denim items

jeans e giacca lucida
denim blouse and blazer

Denim clothes are always on fashion. For that special colour that matches so easily with everything, for the latest trends that mix styles and pair common fabrics with the most precious cloth. But above all because there are denim trousers for all body shapes and budgets. And for many other reasons too, that still lead us to have at least 4 or 5 pairs of denim pants in the closet. You will never get bored with them, you will reuse and transform them, or simply keep at the back of the drawer, together with the sweet memories of youth. Recycling and reusing those items that never go out of fashion is really a good rule. The look, however, must be reinterpreted to follow our changes, simply to enhance the outfits of the over 40 woman who wants to be glam and elegant anyway. … Keep on reading about denim outfits at the dedicated page.

Best layered clothing ideas without looking bulky

slip dress and cardigan

Are there layered clothing outfits that make you still look like a woman? What a dilemma, when the temperature starts dropping! You have to cover yourself well so as not to risk getting sick. But do not fall into the fatal error of dressing in layers at random! It’s just the beginning of October and I have already seen strange layering combinations, just because it’s cold. You can be glam and stylish without running the risk of a flu, simply because layered clothing looks should be conceived on the different body shapes. The first risk you run with layered clothing outfits is that of adding volume to your body shape. Unavoidable situation, unfortunately, when you want to protect yourself from cold weather, an opportunity, however, to exploit and create unique looks. … All best layered clothing ideas according to Fall fashion at the dedicated page.

Tips on how to mix and match the Prince of Wales check

Prince of Wales check

Have you ever wondered who decide and how which clothes must be produced for fashion collections? Never before today has fashion searched for inspiration into the streets. Fashion designers produce their masterpieces by looking first at what happens in downtown streets and squares, beaten every day by ordinary people and influencers while they go to work. Fashion hunters and experts peer to grasp the first important signs of the upcoming trends that will be transformed into fashion products. They search for confirmations on the web, among social networks, using some tools provided by Google Analytics and others, through the most typed and popular keywords. So, the Prince of Wales check, the Glen plaid and many other patterns take shape, through the various garments that are exhibited in the shopping windows of the centre. … Info about Prince of Wales outfits from this Fall fashion at the dedicated page.

The animalier print is back to tempt you

animal prints

The animalier print is back! I could not but talk about it, because it’s really everywhere. A few days ago, while I was having a stroll along the famous Viale Ceccarini I really felt I was at the zoo. In the shop windows, there were many stunning outfits, so beautiful, but so hard to wear, especially for women over 40. Endless variety of prints, from zebra, leopard, python and giraffe too, even mixed together, in an incredibly gorgeous result. I must say that fashion designers have a real talent. As long as their works remain on the mannequins or on the girls of the catwalk! Indeed, the animalier pattern is so showy that it needs some rules, if you do not want to commit ruinous style and elegance mistakes. … Animalier print ideas, to stay in tune with Fall fashion, at the dedicated page.

Work outfit ideas for this Fall

work outfits

How sad is the argument about the work outfit, you will say! Absolutely not, my dear readers! Change attitude and start thinking about a real opportunity that will bring a touch of joy to a notoriously serious and gloomy look, without breaking the rules of the dress code at work, where the dark colours excel, including black, blue and gray. And think about the positive vibes on your mood! How best you can deal with a working day spent inside a cold and competitive environment! And maybe you could even inspire some colleagues, or maybe they can become even nicer with a bit of panache on! … Work outfit ideas at the dedicated page.


The Summer dresses you will use for transitioning into Fall

Summer dresses for Fall
Summer dresses for Fall

“Leave your Summer dresses, the Summer is ending, a year is going by too…” It’s not just a song’s lyrics. Since a few weeks ago, the days have shortened and I’m feeling blue at the idea of giving up the Sunday dinners barefooted in the sand. I wish I could still enjoy these moments, contemplate the colours of the sunset over the sea, wait for the moon rising over the water. It’s really hard to leave this beautiful summer! Clearly, I must do anything, but what? … Discover the Summer dresses you will use again next months, so special for this Fall fashion, at the dedicated page.



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