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Face shapes

Every face has unique traits, but it’s also true that there are face shapes with similar features. To discover your face shape it’s very important and it will help you make informed about your hairstyle, makeup, spectacles.


Among the different face shapes the oval face is certainly the best balanced that can be complemented by any hairstyle and glasses frames. The face gracefully tapers toward chin, has wider forehead and prominent cheekbones. It’s the face shape that everyone wants to have. When putting the makeup on, the oval shape should simply follow the natural line of its features.


The long shape is narrow and gradually tapers toward the chin. If you have a long face shape you need to give the illusion of widening and shortening the face, while softening the jawline. Horizontal lines can make your face appear wider, and to do that you can emphasize your eyebrows, cheekbones and lips. A layered hairstyle gives the impression that your face is fuller, the fringe makes your face appear shorter. You should avoid angular glasses frames and opt for wider frames.


If you have this shape, your forehead is wide, and your cheekbones are in line with your jaw. To create a more balanced face shape you should soften the squareness of your jaw and highlight your cheekbones: apply blusher in a gently curved line and the eye shadow with upward strokes towards the outer edge of the eye, use a lip pencil to make your lips appear fuller in the middle. The most flattering hairstyle has layers turning inwards that narrow the face a bit, or add height in the top that causes the square to appear more rectangular in shape. The best glasses frames are oval or rounded style.


Width and lenght of this face are almost the same. To create a more balanced shape you should draw vertical lines through your choice of hairstyle and the application of makeup. Some tips for you: avoid curly hairstyles and ponytails, go for layered styles angled outward to make the face appear longer or for side-swept bangs to give the illusion of sharper cheekbones. While applying the makeup remember that diagonal lines on your eyelids are helpful, straight lines of blusher along your cheekbones make your face more elegant.

Choose square or rectangular frames that balance the proportions of your face.

Inverted triangle

Among the different face shapes, the inverted triangle emerges for being quite sharp. This face shape strongly tapers toward the chin, has a prominent forehead and a small chin. To create balance you should give volume and interest to your jawline through hairstyle and makeup. Being the area around the eyes wide, you should use a gentle and slight makeup, while you should use a lip pencil to make your mouth appear wider.

The most flattering hairstyle is medium length and gives volume to the lower part of your face through flicks or curls; height and pulled back styles are not for you.

Frameless spectacles are ok on your face, or choose frames that are not wider than your temples.


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