If the eyesight gets worse, the eyewear can improve your facial features


Sometimes it happens that I cannot even focus the food in my dish and the challenge is almost impossible whit rice grains! And the worst thing is that after 40 years things can only get worse. The only relief is that this does not just happen to me … my friends too have the same problem. So why do not we console ourselves with a perfect pair of glasses? The one that compliments our faces’ features that adds a touch of character and personality and can also hide those little flaws we hate.

There are thousands of glasses … wonderful glasses, but how to choose the right eyewear? You have to look for the right frame, both in shape and colour. A general rule which is always right is that of creating balance, which means that the frame should enhance your best features and draw attention away from your flaws. Oval face aside – which is perfect for its fair proportions – the many face shapes can become more harmonious with a good pair of glasses. To make a rounded face appear thinner try pointed and angular frames that help lengthen the face. To draw attention away from the narrowed chin of a hearth shaped face rounded frames help to soften the look of the face. The oblong face must look for a frame with a wide bridge, low bars and oval lenses, while the square face should choose, instead, round frames.

Which colour can we choose for the frame? The one that best matches our complexion, our eyes, the colour of the hair. If you are a winter type choose cool shades and strong colours. If you have the same colours of Nicole Kidman go for warm and bright colours. If you are a summer type choose cool and intense colours, but not too dark ones. If you are an autumn type the warm shades of the earth will enhance your features.

Before making such an investment, try many types of frames, take care of the effects on your face. You will enjoy how the right pair of glasses can improve your face’s features!


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