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Since we have been facing a new reality that has changed our habits, the casual style has managed to insinuate itself inside the wardrobe with too many items. Among sneakers, sweatshirts and tracksuits it seems that elegance has been eclipsed. However, after the age of 40, this way of dressing, which from free time has largely crossed over to more formal places, must be refined. To create casual chic looks, following the rules of class and elegance.

casual chic look

Casual chic looks come from the combination of comfortable and informal items with elegant ones. They produce a balanced mix of opposing elements, where the most exclusive pieces elevate common clothing. In this way, refinement meets everyday life and bring different outfits that you can wear at work, dress code permitting. But also for many other occasions when the rule becomes feeling at ease with some class.

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Casual chic rules and must haves

The elegant jacket is the real piece of clothing to invest in, a must-have for all seasons that adds value to any outfit. Combined with jeans or flowing skirts, it lends itself to many casual chic interpretations. The white shirt is another article to be taken into account and which certainly belongs to every woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn with sports trousers or skirts, but also as a shacket, as if it were a jacket to be worn unbuttoned.

On the opposite side, in the casual sphere, there are sneakers and combat boots. You can pair them with light dresses and skirts or with decidedly formal garments to dress down the look. And of course, the denim trousers, to choose according to the best style that enhances your body shapes. In the combination of such different items, the choice of classic neutral colours – blue, grey, white, black, beige – takes the outfit to a higher level. Especially if all the pieces of the puzzle point towards the concepts of care and elegance, from manicure to hairstyle, from accessories to jewellery, never too showy even when they are precious.

casual chic look

Easy tips for casual chic looks

For beginner stylists, the formula consisting of denim trousers, elegant jacket, T-shirt and sneakers is a must to become familiar with casual chic looks, that can be enriched and made more personal with some gorgeous accessories. For those who love strong contrasts, the elegant office suit consisting of jacket and trousers becomes more fun and less serious thanks to the graphic T-shirt and chunky sneakers. Starting a new outfit from a very feminine garment like the pencil skirt, you can think of combining it with a denim shirt. Then, you can go for super feminine flat shoes or high heels, following your needs and tastes. Or you can shift the casual emphasis to shoes by choosing, instead, sneakers and adding a nice silk shirt.

Have a great evening dear readers! Look in your wardrobe before going shopping and above all have fun with the casual chic style!

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