Dubai dress code, how to respect rules and be stylish

Good morning dear readers! After a few days of absence here I am again, talking to you about a topic that I have just experienced, the Dubai dress code!! Because I have just returned from a magical place, where the future meets tradition, with futuristic glass and steel skyscrapers, minarets and mosques that spread the chanting of the muezzin to invite prayers.

burj Khalifa

Dubai is a metropolis and an emirate at the same time, where people from more than two hundred different countries live together. Islam is the official religion, clothing follows the rules indicated by the Koran. It is easy to meet Arab women of any age dressed in black from head to toe, with the veil covering their hair. Some even with the nijab, the garment that provides only an opening left for the eyes. I was struck by their “looks” in the fashion streets of the Dubai Mall, on Fashion Avenue. At first glance they all looked the same, then, discreetly, I noticed the decorations and the embroideries on their tunics, the iconic and branded bags that stood out in the distance, the trendy sneakers and even some bold sandals, embellished with shiny beads.

long dress in Dubai

The Dubai dress code inside shopping malls and in the city

The dress code for western women is very different, the official website of the United Arab Emirates suggests to tourists some guidelines on how to dress in Dubai, at the page dedicated to the dress code. In shopping malls, however, you can see a little bit of everything and you also happen to meet foreigners in skimpy and tight clothes, unaware of being offensive to local people. Covering the arms and legs up to the knees at least, wearing loose fitting clothes, these are the tips to be taken into account that will make you feel more at ease. Do not forget, then, that air conditioning is everywhere, therefore covering yourself in order not to get sick becomes a real need.

long dress in front of the Dubai Mall

I have discovered that a truly indispensable accessory is a large scarf to always keep in your bag and which is useful for protecting yourself from the cold of air conditioning, to cover necklines and shoulders, especially in the most crowded places. Another must-have for these places is the long summer dress that we all have in our closet. You can add a large shawl or a heart warmer, embellish it with necklaces and bracelets, pair it with trendy sneakers to walk up and down the shops, or sandals full of shiny beads. The result is a fair compromise that respects local rules and your passion for accessories, a personal style that is told with discretion and elegance.

long dress and heart warmer

Dubai dress code to visit the mosque

If certain outfits are tolerated in shopping malls, in mosques the dress code cannot be ignored, under penalty of exclusion to visit the place sacred to Muslims. However, I preferred not to wear a dress that did not belong to me, which is the black tunic they offer you at the entrance of the mosque if you are not, in their opinion, dressed accordingly. And then black is not among my friendly colours. So I simply followed the rules suggested by the local dress code, choosing clothes that cover arms and legs. The red cardigan was just perfect on the T-shirt, the Louis Vuitton gray shawl given to me by hubby is so large that it could be used as a hijab, that is, the scarf used by Arab women to cover hair, neck and breast. Long denim trousers and sneakers, my official casual uniform, completed the look.

dress code in the mosque

Dubai dress code to go on a excursion in the desert at sunset

Getting lost in the colours of a beautiful sunset in the desert, after a jeep safari over the dunes, this is truly an experience to be given! If you want to enjoy it in comfortable clothes and why not, even be stylish at the same time, opt for your favourite casual look! Which put into my language means long cotton trousers, T-shirt and sneakers. Then, add a large scarf in the colours that best enhance your complexion. It will be essential to protect yourself from the sand raised by the wind. I wore it as you can see in the picture, I folded it in a triangle, put it on my head, crossed the two ends at the front and back of the neck. Then I dropped them back to the front. It was very useful and fashionable at the same time. At sunset the temperature dropped by a few degrees, so I completed the look with my beloved biker jacket.

how to dress in the desert

So, which is the best tip about dressing in Dubai if the dress code is a bit rigid to you? Focus on accessories, to have fun experimenting with new looks while respecting the rules of the host country. Have fun, above all!!


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