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Dress code at work

Dress code, how many times have you heard this word …. A suit consisting of a jacket and trousers or a skirt knee-lenght, in white, gray, or blue colours … to wear for 365 days a year, holidays apart. Bored to death … I could be…  I do not have an intense social life that gives me the possibility of wearing special outfits, thus, I let my personality reveal itself through the first outfit of the day, the one that introduces me to work. Do not expect me to go to work with stiletto and skin-tight garments! I’ll never  forget class and elegance, two fundamental rules, even if the boss allows less formal outfits!

Which is the best outfit to go to work?

Let’s start with something right for the hottest days of spring and summer, the knee-length dress, which is appreciated by the most body shapes with different physical characteristics. The shift dress is best on Lean Columns, Rectangles and Inverted Triangles. The A-shape dress is a life-saving garment for round shapes who have fullness around the middle. The Hourglass gives her best with bias cut dresses. Apart from these general tips the advice suitable for everyone is that the dress must not be tight fitting, expecially for those who have a very feminine body. We are looking for the perfect outfit to go to work, not to the disco!

As for the colour, remember that it depends on the colour of your eyes, hair and complexion (more info at the page about the best colours). On cooler days, you can add a jacket, one of the many jackets you have forgotten in your wardrobe in the midst of the many sad tailleurs,  bought for a special occasion, like your graduation or the job interview. A beautiful pair of shoes or sandals with closed heel or toe completes the outfit. Remember that middle or flared heels are perfect and comfortable, even if you work long hours. You gain elegance and height. There are so many 70s shoes. I like these ones. They are beautiful and timeless.

flared heel sandals
flared heel sandals


block heel sandals
block heel sandals

What about work outfits in winter days?

How do you dress to go to work in winter? Good intentions related to elegance often go away, especially if you spend hours sitting at a desk, getting up just for some needs. It’s time to take out from the closet a typical male clothing, a pair of trousers, that pair that belongs to the sad suit we have rarely worn. Again, don’t wear it with the jacket, but separately. Or if you really want to do it, do in a very particular way, to be less formal, with a pair of sneaker and a coloured scarf….. So, you can reuse that pair of trousers buried under your favourite clothes and wear with a colorful Chanel jacket, or a twin set in the colours that best fit your complexion. Plain fronted and with side zip trousers are ok for every body shape (pleats are better for Lean Columns and those who have narrow hips). Remember that low waist trousers are more suitable for bodies with long legs, while the high waist gives height to minutes. Closed shoes or ankle boots add a touch of femininity to your look.

block heel shoes
block heel shoes


ankle boots
ankle boots

At the end of this post, have you found which is the rule for the perfect look at work? Break and separate! Break the monotony and grey of winter, break the daily routine at work with colours and personality. Wear your suit separately, add a smile before going to work!


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