winter outfits

Daytime winter outfits

How do we dress this morning? Outside the temperature is below zero and the idea of wearing a female garment seems to be really out of place. But please let’s start with the right outfit! You have no excuse, at work the heating is on! And covering tights has already been invented! So, dear readers, choose among the winter outfits the right one, the one that protects you from cold but also the one that makes your femininity and your style speaks aloud!

In this page you will find the solutions I selected to give you some hints about daytime winter outfits. Enjoy the reading!


How to change the destiny of a dull sweater

golfino e accessori
How to change the destiny of a dull sweater

My closet is full of close-fitting sweaters, turtlenecks and pullovers, so drab and dull, plain colour and straight pattern. But how can I do? It’s a sad equation that of dress code + winter weather = impersonal and dark garments but warm and comfortable under a jacket. But I do not like Maths and I generally fix the counting according to my mood, otherwise I become blue. And in this picture entitled sadness at work, I must add lights and colours because in my office there’s no window near my desk… Keep on readind at the dedicated page.


The little black dress

the litthe black dress

I’m writing in favour of the little black dress, a dress in a colour that does not match my complexion at all. But I must do it, it’s true! Everyone should have a little black dress in the closet. Even a spring type like me providing that I adopt some tricks … but I’ll tell you later, some lines further. Well … I was saying that it is compulsory to have at least a black dress in the closet and I do not mean that it can be useful for some religious functions (hopefully not) but in certain situations you cannot do without it. … Keep on reading at the dedicated page


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