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Daytime winter fashion

How do we dress this morning? Outside the temperature is below zero and the idea of speaking about Winter fashion and wearing a female garment seems to be really out of place. But please let’s start the day with the right outfit! You have no excuse, at work the heating is on! And covering tights has already been invented! So, dear readers, choose among Winter fashion outfits the right one, the one that protects you from cold but also the one that makes your femininity and your style speaks aloud!

In this page you will find the solutions I selected to give you some hints about daytime Winter fashion. Enjoy the reading!

How to mix prints and patterns like a fashionista

how to mix prints and patterns like a fashionista

As the first days of sun illuminate the winter season, I want to set aside the classic plain garments and wear colourful prints and patterns. Does it happen to you too? Or maybe are you thinking that after 40 and 50 prints and patterns are off-limits? The prints are good for the look and the mood; knowing how to match them to avoid style falls, however, is something different that can be learned easily, to style clothes like a pro.

The best news is that I have shared the simplest and most effective rules to get out of the comfort zone, create new ouftits, without shattering class and elegance. Click on the link to find out how to match different prints in the same outfit. Enjoy the reading!

How to look stylish and stay toasty when it’s freezing

how to look stylish and stay toasty when it's freezing
how to look stylish and stay toasty when it’s freezing

Do you want to look stylish and stay toasty when it’s freezing? On the blog, the new post dedicated to this argument, with advice on how to dress in layers and flatter the silhouette, which fabric combinations to choose.

I have created chic and comfortable outfits for even the most sensitive to the cold, to wear in the office or for leisure time. Why don’t you get a look at the post to grab some inspiration for your winter looks? More info clicking on how to look stylish and stay toasty when it’s freezing

Easy tips for casual chic looks

easy tips for casual chic looks

I was thinking about the casual chic topic after seeing the new fashion proposals for this spring, which keep on aiming for comfort. It is true that for about a year we have changed our habits and that the casual style has crept into the wardrobe a little too much. With the danger of eclipsing elegance because of sneakers, sweatshirts, and tracksuits. After 40, it is better to choose a casual chic style, more refined and suitable for different occasions, including work, dress code permitting.

On the blog, at the dedicated page, you will find my tips for creating casual chic looks with the clothes you already have in the closet.

Over 40 looks with combat boots

over 40 looks with combat boots
over 40 looks with combat boots

This post is especially dedicated to those who have never thought about combat boots to build truly amazing looks! This kind of footwear is perfect for creating new combinations, giving a breath of freshness to formal looks, adding some style and personality to basic and simple outfits. And then they are comfortable and warm, just perfect for the winter season.

All my tips with the most elegant combos on the dedicated page of the blog, the one about over 40 looks with combat boots.

Five special looks with the elegant jacket

outfit rosa e blu primaverile
5 looks with the elegant jacket

Do you remember that elegant jacket that has been hanging in your closet for who knows how long? Almost new, worn very little, so formal and dark as to be difficult to wear every day. Well, it’s time to take it out and use it in the looks that I will show you on the blog. It will become a very suitable garment for many occasions, especially now that we are approaching spring.

Follow me on the blog, at the page dedicated to the elegant jacket!

How to refresh the wardrobe with gorgeous colours

cappotto giallo
how to refresh your wardrobe

Dear friends, it doesn’t seem to be winter time! There’s an incredible bright sky, so unusual for the month of February! Don’t you feel like throwing all those dark clothes out of the closet? I do! Perhaps, it is a little early for spring, maybe finding the right compromise with winter would really be the ideal solution. How? With some colours. To liven up winter looks, start the day with a gorgeous and contagious smile. I have some ideas, and they are also sustainable, because they come from your closet.

Make yourself comfortable on the sofa, put on your glasses and follow me on the blog at the page dedicated to how to refresh your wardrobe with gorgeous colours!

How to make your cheap clothes look fashionable

how to make low cost clothes fashionable
how to make low cost clothes fashionable

Do you ever go to street markets and rummage through the stalls in search of a special bargain? How many low cost garments have you bought and never worn? Well, it happened to me, because the cheap prices often invite and the opportunities should not be missed. But it’s not always like this.

Low cost clothes could really prove to be a small failure, due to the bad seams or to the shape which is not always perfect. But you can fix it, there are some tricks to make the garment that you have just bought so special and create wonderful outfitsfs according to this Winter fashion. Do you want to know how? Well, discover it on the dedicated page of the blog, the one about low cost outfits!

Four sporty chic looks you won’t miss

sporty chic, sportiva ed elegante,
sporty chic outfits

Good morning, dear readers! Here I am, after the two operations that have changed my life in the last 10 days. I missed you, but I was very weak and couldn’t write any posts. Now, after the tagliatelle and the special dishes by my mother, the cappelletti by my friend Gra, I’m no longer a zombie and finally I’m here, sitting in front of the computer, to torment you with what is blowing in my head. Sporty chic, this is the topic of today, a comfortable and elegant style that for me in these days is a real necessity, since my belly does not get along with my beloved, shrink to fit, faux leather pants.

This style is truly unique, perfect for the over 40 woman who is always running and splashes every day like a rocket towards a super-challenging day. And if there is a way to do it with a suit in a refined and special fabric, with fantastic sneakers, well, we are all happier. … Discover the sporty chic looks at the dedicated page.

Living Coral, how to wear the colour of the year

rosa corallo il colore 2019 living coral the colour of the yar
the colour of the year

Get ready for the colour of the year, dear readers! Pantone, the American Institute specialized in the cataloguing and definition of colours, announced the Living Coral as the colour of the year, a bright colour that inspires joy from the first sight. It is vibrant and warm, very close to the coral orange, a colour, in short, alive and cheerful, which also wants to be a hymn to life and to the protection of nature and sea life. So many reasons, therefore, to welcome the Living Coral. From the next days we will see this colour in the shop windows of downtown and together with it all the shades that tend more to orange or pink. Discover how to wear the Living Coral, keep on reading at the dedicated page.

The must have items you won’t miss during Winter sales

must have items not to be missed
must have items not to be missed

To all the women who, like me, are so fond of this Winter fashion, the old woman called Befana is certainly nicer than Santa Claus. Female solidarity aside, the Befana, who is so loved by all the children, always flies on her broom during the night of the 6th of January to bring candies and toys to the little ones, on the same day when in Italy the winter sales begin, for the joy of many women who are waiting for special bargains and the despair of some partners, who still do not understand how good is mothers’ and wives’ personal shopping for the whole family’s serenity. Fortunately, in my home, the Befana is welcome, reason why I have already eyed up interesting clothing items. … Follow me, at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover the must have items not to be missed during these Winter sales!

The warm sweater that makes you look cute

warm and trendy sweaters

(Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels) Has it ever happened to you to wear a warm, heavy sweater and to avoid the mirror because in that comfy sweater, however, you were not feeling appealing but very clumsy? Well, if this is your case, you are in the right place at the right time.

The sweaters that clutter up in your closet are not just for covering when the temperature is below zero, they can also be used for fantastic and feminine looks despite their appearance. Trust me! Keep on reading at the dedicated page, discover the warm sweaters from this Winter fashion trends!

How to change the destiny of a dull sweater

golfino e accessori
how to change the destiny of a dull sweater

My closet is full of close-fitting sweaters, turtlenecks and pullovers, so drab and dull, plain colour and straight pattern. But how can I do? It’s a sad equation that of dress code + winter weather = impersonal and dark garments but warm and comfortable under a jacket. But I do not like Maths and I generally fix the counting according to my mood, otherwise I become blue. And in this picture entitled sadness at work, I must add lights and colours because in my office there’s no window near my desk… Keep on reading at the dedicated page to know how to style your dull sweaters.

The little black dress

the little black dress

I’m writing in favour of the little black dress, a dress in a colour that does not match my complexion at all. But I must do it, it’s true! Everyone should have a little black dress in the closet. Even a spring type like me providing that I adopt some tricks … but I’ll tell you later, some lines further. Well … I was saying that it is compulsory to have at least a black dress in the closet and I do not mean that it can be useful for some religious functions (hopefully not) but in certain situations you cannot do without it. … Keep on reading at the dedicated page to discover how to pair the little black dress.


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