Cool summer sandals and how to match them to be wow!


When I look at the shop windows sparkling with gorgeous summer sandals, I feel the need to come in and try them all. For the colours, the decorations, the embellished heels. At my expense, I have learned that temptations must pass some tests before they turn into the right purchases. And that sandals should be like Cinderella’s shoes, beautiful and unique for our feet. Did you happen to buy amazing but uncomfortable sandals while you try to reassure yourself in the mirror by saying «they won’t hurt too much cause I’ll only wear them for a few hours» and leave them in the years almost intact at the bottom of the shoe rack? It did to me. Over the years and after some mistakes, I realized that it is better to prefer medium and comfortable heels rather than tall and beautiful but unbearable ones causing heel pain.

Among the wisdom pills, the pre-shopping guide also includes suggestions in favour of evergreen models that will accompany us for several seasons, with a clean line and simple straps. As for colours, neutrals never go out of fashion and to them, we can add gold and silver shades that highlight tanned feet and make lacquered nails stand out. Styles with striking colours, however, could become the ideal accessories to refresh basic and classic outfits, above all when matched with the bag and the belt.

The summer sandals can be divided into three large categories depending on the kind of heel, flat, medium, or high.

Flat or low heel summer sandals

Flat sandals are so special and comfortable. You can wear them from dawn to dusk for the occasions of the day and evening. With long skirts and long dresses, they are extremely elegant; with shorts and knee-length garments, they are more suitable for leisure time.

flat sandals and long dress

Sandals with medium heel

Medium heel sandals are appreciated mostly for their versatility. The medium heel is synonymous with comfort and can be worn all day long, especially if it is large. Thinner spool heels are so elegant and suitable for bon ton outfits together with knee-length dresses, light fabrics and floral patterns. But they also manage to soften the severity of the formal office uniform.

medium heel sandals and denim look

Sandals with high heel

They are designed for the evening and special occasions, but I admire those who with dexterity and lightness can push a shopping cart wearing high or stiletto heels. The most beautiful combinations are always those pieces you don’t expect, between elegant footwear and casual clothing such as cargo pants, gym pants or jeans.

high heel sandals and red dress

Have a nice day dear friends and keep my tips with you while shopping!

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