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In this beautiful sunny summer how lovely colorful outfits are! Rainbow clothes that overwhelm us without hesitation! But when that passion for colours begins to fade, we realize that the palette we are wearing could have different shades and combinations. We become aware in front of the mirror and finally, we begin to ask ourselves the fateful question. How to create a colorful outfit that is also elegant, stylish and refined?

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Thanks to simple and basic tips, a colorful outfit can really turn into an unforgettable picture. The first is the simplest and most basic one, from which to start to take the beginner’s steps. Dress with no more than two or three colours, where one of these is neutral, like white, black or beige, to be able to balance each piece of clothing using those colours that get well with all the others and that can dim a bit the most showy shades.

complementary colours look

Colorful outfits – all the rules to be stylish and chic

For those who are really familiar with this art, the next step is to create looks with three different colours resulting from an equilateral triangle drawn within the circle of Itten and which are located at the same distance from each other. Let’s try starting from the pantone 2020 color, the blue. The triad suggests blue combined with yellow and red, to be chosen, of course, all within the same ring that identifies the degree of hue and brilliance common to the three colors.

Therefore, another precious suggestion is deduced, that of choosing colours with the same saturation and brightness to build a colorful outfit. So, the bright ones are fine with each other, as well as the soft and the fluo colours. Take care, however, to the effect you want to create, avoid too showy combinations if you do not want to be compared with traffic lights! Maybe, it’s better to leave some colours to our daughters!

Among the tips to write down on your notebook, there’s the combination of adjacent colors in the same saturation or brightness, to get truly surprising results. Again let’s start from the fashion colour of this year, the blue. Its adjacent colours are green and yellow or purple and red, shades that we can dress in the upper or lower part of our body. A green top paired with blue pants, for example, could be enhanced by splendid yellow accessories and make us achieve a great fashionista result. We will simply have to pay attention to the colour tone that must be the same for everyone: bright green and blue with bright yellow.

Even the one-color look follows precise rules if you want to get something special. Once again Itten shows us all the possible combinations, those that are inside the same segment, from the outside to the inside of the wheel, fading from dark to lighter shades, which can be chosen to create sophisticated and classy outfits.

For those who like to dare, a bolder step is the one that combines complementary colours, those that in Itten’s wheel are opposite to each other. In this case, the complementary colour of blue is orange and from this combination, you will see how the two colours together are even more vivid and bright.

What is at the basis of these rules? Why are we talking about colour combinations calculated with mathematical precision, when we would simply like to dress ourselves with what pleases our eyes? There are studies on the relationships between colours, the search for harmony, the balance of saturation, brightness and temperature, just like a painter or a stylist does. Without forgetting that all colours are at the best when they are associated following these rules. However, this does not mean that combinations with other colours are not possible. It’s up to us to try to find a balance, in short, something that binds everything together and that doesn’t really make us look like Harlequin.

monochromatic look
monochromatic look, Pinterest

See you soon, dear readers! And have fun with the colours of the rainbow!


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