Coats for a warm and stylish winter

Coats, capes, faux fur jackets … how many clothes you should wear to face cold winter days! There are a lot of solutions but it often happens that the style we like is not always right for our body shape. And sometimes outerwear clothing protects so well from cold that it also adds one or two sizes.

Here you’ll find a selection of my posts that can better guide you in the choice of coats and jackets:

The coats you will wear again and again

the coats you will wear again and again
the coats you will wear again and again

Do you like coats? I love them so much and I think that for any fashionista sensitive to the cold, coats are the only good thing of winter. A beautiful garment of excellent workmanship, in soft and fine fabrics, can change the look, make the casual outfit more refined. Some models never go out of fashion and on them, it is really worth investing if you are looking for a special garment to wear for several seasons to come.

At the following link to the blog page, you will find the info about the coats that never go out of style, combining them with some winning outfits. Enjoy your reading

Fashionable coats and puffer jackets for over 40 women

fashionable coats and puffer jackets
fashionable coats and puffer jackets

Have you ever wondered why in times of crisis fashion offers loose fitting, comfortable and colorful clothing? Because fashion is also a communication tool and when society is grappling with problems on various fronts, such as those generated by the spread of a virus, then it brings out articles that suggest concepts related to abundance and happiness. The wide lines, the colors, the many details thus rise on the catwalk to enrich the splendid coats and down jackets for this winter. As if to want to wrap every woman with a warm hug that can make her feel better, chase away her thoughts and worries. On the blog, at the page dedicated to the fashionable coats and down jackets for women over 40 and over 50, you’ll find my fave salections and tips for wearing them without the fear of getting a few more sizes.

The puffer jacket that won’t make you look like the Michelin Man

piumino verde
puffer jackets

How many times have you thought about buying a trendy puffer jacket and then you gave up on the thought of the extra volume that could wrap you! I spent months looking for the perfect one, for a unique and elegant garment, not only to wear on cold and gloomy days. The fashion of this year, then, has shown unconventional fabrics, with the padding that is respectful of animals, with flashy and new colors, in short with puffer jackets that you will look forward to wearing them. At the page dedicated to the puffer jacket, you will discover some useful information, especially now during the sales, when you could find the garment that enhances your body!

The must have items you won’t miss during Winter sales

must have items not to be missed
must have items not to be missed

To all the women who, like me, are so fond of fashionable clothes, the old woman called Befana is certainly nicer than Santa Claus. Female solidarity aside, the Befana, who is so loved by all the children, always flies on her broom during the night of the 6th of January to bring candies and toys to the little ones, on the same day when in Italy the winter sales begin, for the joy of many women who are waiting for special bargains and the despair of some partners, who still do not understand how good is mothers’ and wives’ personal shopping for the whole family’s serenity. Fortunately, in my home, the Befana is welcome, reason why I have already eyed up interesting clothing items. … Follow me, at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover the must have items not to be missed during these Winter sales!

A fashion coat for every woman

fashion coats
fashion coats

Winter is approaching and the weather forecasts say that freezing air from Siberia will come in the next days. After my last week’s post dedicated to jackets, I must absolutely speak about the coat, the protagonist of the fall / winter 2018/2019 fashion, that comes back with really new styles and colours. I don’t want you get cold just because I haven’t considered this topic before!

Keep on reading to discover the best fashion coat for your body shape.


I want a coat that flatters my body shape perfectly

the coat that flatters your body shape

Some days ago, I wanted to buy a coat. To tell the truth I was looking for “The Coat” but decided to buy it in the next sales. So I went to the newsagent’s to buy some fashion magazines where I could find some inspiration which it came like an overflowing river, with those  wonderful images of unique coats, from military style with patches and braids, to the ankle length coat and more classic coats but in bright colours. I liked all of them, but I had to find the one that best flattered my body shape. So, while leafing through those magazines I started thinking I could share with you my short guide to the coats right for each body shape. ….

Keep on reading at the dedicated page to discover the best coat for your figure.


The faux fur coat, warm, beautiful, unique!

pelliccia ecologica colorata
faux fur coats

The faux fur coat… It has been on my wish list, since my car’s windshield every morning looked more like an ice skating rink. To tell the truth it’s been on that list even before.

I still remember when I bought my first faux fur coat. I still remember when I bought my first faux fur coat. It was during the years I was attending university. That day I was with my friend Nico and together we went to Max Mara, a great shop in the downtown of Rimini.  …

Memories apart, at the dedicated page of the blog, you’ll find my tips about the best faux fur coat for your warm winter.


When the days become colder

mantella e cappello grigio

…. Then, all of a sudden, I head to the corridor, climb three steps at a time, because a light bulb came on in my head, switched by my reaction to the blue mood caused by the shower, and it’s so well-lighted that I no longer see the rain and I do not even feel the wind. I’m only looking forward to wearing my beautiful cape, which is upstairs, at the second floor, in my warm closet. Finally I wear it. What can I say … it’s perfect, it’s just cool, in these days that it’s a bit cold in the morning and in the evening, but not at lunch time. And it’s so beautiful. In woollen cloth, with arm holes, long fringes that flatter the simplest outfit. … Memories apart, at the dedicated page of the blog you’ll find my tips about the capes.


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