Christmas presents to keep smiling this year too

xmas presents

There will still be Christmas presents under the tree. Even if we receive messages, from everywhere, that there will be smaller celebrations this year, a gift to unwrap is a need that captures a smile, loosen the thoughts that this weird 2020 has given us. It will certainly be a more heartfelt Christmas which will guide towards the essence of things.

I remember my parents used to whisper, with a veil of melancholy “once it was better, there were fewer things”, while we children were concentrated on unwrapping many coloured packets. For mom and dad, every present was a real joy coming from the heart. When they were children, the luckiest ones received only one gift at Christmas that was kept with love forever. While today, already from Boxing Day, we no longer remember what we discovered in the last box beautifully decorated with precious red and golden ribbons.

This year, however, we could have a great chance to make our Christmas gifts precious again. We could start thinking of the small local businesses, the craft shops near our home, the shops in dowtown. The pictures coming from the web can inspire with Christmas gifts. But what we all should do is dressing up for a nice stroll and do some shopping, breathe some fresh air.  And stop to greet the shopkeepers who have always been there, waiting and getting ready, even when the shutters seemed to be down. It will be a great opportunity to discover the beautiful decorations of the shop windows, the enchanted atmosphere of Christmas scents and music. And also the smiling faces inside the shops who know how to greet with their eyes also when a mask hides emotions.

In my small but great town of Morciano everyone can find many gift ideas for Christmas. From clothing to footwear, from beauty and skincare to household appliances. And also jewelry, books, restaurant reservations for better days. In short, an endless list of things to unfold while walking. And if you don’t know what to choose in front of so many items, you can always think of a gift voucher. Among my purchases in the next few days: the face mask, the hand cream, the scented candle, the wool scarf, the winter sweater, the yummy traditional Christmas cake panettone. Did I give you some new tips for your Christmas presents?

cope with COVID-19 lifestyle

Have a great local shopping and enjoy yourselves!

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