Christmas outfit. It’s time to think about it!

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“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!” How lovely is this melody coming from my daughter’s flute! And outside, in downtown, there’s a beautiful ice skating rink in the large square under the trees, near Santa Klaus house, a great tree, the nativity scene… which means that…. I’ve not yet thought about my Christmas outfit!!!! Well, this is not my only concern. I’ll prepare Christmas eve dinner and among the guests there’s a vegan too! So… don’t be so disapproving with me, I’ve not only shoes and dresses in my thoughts! Now, in this peaceful corner of the blog I want to take care of outfits only and because of the jingle bells that are very loud today, I think I’ll speak about … my Christmas outfit! Don’t you want to go to lunch dressed like Cinderella before meeting the fairy Godmother! With all your sisters-in-law or if you prefer your stepsisters, all in a row, ready to stare at you to find where you put your pound of weight given, without asking for, by Mr “Timeisgoingby”. So, be patient, bear in mind that you have not only to decorate the table and the Christmas tree, but yourself too! And for one day wear a skirt or a dress, not trousers!

Would you like to know about my Christmas outfit? I rummaged in my closet and I found a very unusual outfit for my taste and my body shape, composed by a full skirt, which is right for those who have a pear or a hourglass body shape and a small waist. This item is also good for those with large hips and thighs. And it is also very feminine and is really beautiful with a tight-fitting sweater, covering tights, ankle boots that give a touch of personality to the outfit. If you have a lean column body shape and flat hips, go for box pleats.


I imagine that, at this point, the inflexible supporter of trousers is really fidgeting in the seat for these tips. To tell the truth, I have one for you too, my dear trousers lover, on condition that, at least on Christmas Day, you go for classic style with wide legs and match it with a silk shirt and a fringed silk and wool shawl. The sweater is allowed provided it is refined and unique, in cashmere and silk, or with a shimmering thread that enhances it. Remember that trousers with side zip and without pockets are preferable for those with wide hips; low-waist trousers work better for those who are tall, conversely high waist trousers are good for petites. (For further information, visit the page of my blog that I dedicated to female body shape ).

Another outfit is getting out of my head … maybe I’ll replace the outfit I’ve just described. I have in mind an A-shaped dress that I usually wear in spring. The fabric is quite heavy,  with a thread of lamé and small sequins at the neck and wrists. And I would like to match it with a pair of tight trousers in slightly shiny fabric, ankle boots and a tight-fitting shirt to wear under the dress because of the polar temperatures. Why not?


A-shaped dress
A-shaped dress

And what about your Christmas outfit?


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