Chic outfits with Converse shoes

Spring outfits and Converse shoes are a perfect match. Leave behind the idea of casual shoes paired with leisure time clothing. Follow me towards the outfits that bring a breath of freshness to the wardrobe, together with elegance and style. You know how much I love mixing different textures and diametrically opposed styles! Converse shoes can be used to create incredible combinations in tune with sunny day vibes.

When I have fun in my walk-in closet looking for something special for my spring outfits, I orient myself keeping in mind the family of colours to share with the shoes, but also something more original that flashes me at the last moment. Always considering, however, balancing the elements chosen for the upper and lower body. The icing on the cake comes with the top accessory, the one we gave ourselves for a special occasion. And that makes us feel beautiful and well dressed, noticed for our unique style.

converse e gonna paillettes

When you go for sporty items such as a pair of Converse shoes, you need to identify the top piece of your outfit, the elegant and precious one that can dress your casual look up. Once discovered, bring the two objects closer together and ask yourself what they may have in common. Colour is the most immediate element to think about. A more traditional concept invites to use two colours within the same outfit. Or a maximum of three, if one of these represents a neutral shade. But for those who love to dare and want to juggle bright and bright colours, some useful tips are contained in the blog page colourful outfits that are stylish and chic too.

Converse shoes and elegant garments

The more the clothes are in contrast, the more I like the whole outfit. Take a pair of elegant trousers for example, in the same colour as the shoes, add a white formal jacket and a striped top that incorporates the two colours, white and gray.

converse e pantaloni in lino

Or go for a more feminine alternative, the one with the sequin skirt, perfect for an informal evening out or for a tea break in good company. I have paired it with the sweatshirt in the same colour family as my Converse shoes, so pretty and unique with that nice embroidery on the front. Peering into my closet, I recovered the denim suit I bought a few years ago, so suitable for playing down the formal atmosphere of the work environment.

denim e tailleur denim

Especially on Fridays when we are all ready with a step towards the weekend. The fourth chic outfit idea with the Converse shoes focuses on the silk slip dress. It is combined with the powder-coloured Chanel jacket, a refined mix that goes well with the shoes in the same colour as the dress.

converse e vestito sottoveste

Converse shoes for free time outfits

Free time is the undisputed realm of flat and sports shoes, but my advice is to create a look that is never banal, focusing on the item of clothing that enhances the look, making it more suitable for over 40 women. A feminine top is simply perfect, for the fine fabric, the floral pattern, or for romantic details like ruffles, lace and puffed sleeves. Or a classic and timeless silk jacket. It is up to you, darling!

converse e top elegante

Have a great weekend dear reader! And if you have any doubts, you know where you can find me!

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