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Chic jeans outfits should be part of any woman’s wardrobe. For many reasons. Because they combine comfort with elegance, or simply because they can be used on several occasions at different times of the day. Chic jeans outfits bring value to the wardrobe, in every season. Above all, those days when you want to stay in your comfort zone, wearing your beloved denim pants, making them even more special, but without exaggerating.

chic jeans outfit

Chic jeans outfits can be created with a few simple tricks, focused on what I call the essentials for the wardrobe of every woman over 40 and over 50.

The jacket with the jewel buttons

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Can you fancy the iconic jacket by Balmain? That magnificent one, accompanied by a heavy price tag! The good news is, though, that all impossible things are replicated even for common people, at much more popular prices. A good blazer, of excellent workmanship and finished with golden buttons also in the wrists is an excellent investment, elevates your style and can be worn on a myriad of occasions.

The special blouse

chic jeans outfit with the peplum top

The first thought goes to the blouse or the top with the peplum hem because it is one of those feminine details that suits everyone. To those who have a lean column body shape, it gives the feminine curves where they do not exist, to pear body shaped women it emphasizes the waist. And then it hides the dreaded belly! (More information about what to wear to flatter your silhouette at the page dedicated to female body shapes). Among special blouses, there are those models in silk or lace, to choose in the colours that enhance the complexion.

Showy belts and accessories

chic jeans outfit

Logo or embellished buckles are like the icing on the cake: the belt frames jeans pants and makes them elegant, giving the outfit the final touch of sophistication. Do not forget bracelets and necklaces, precious allies to choose from in the metals that match the colour of the buckle, to create glows that illuminate the entire outfit.

Slingbacks and heeled shoes

chic jeans outfit

Slingback shoes occasionally return on the fashion catwalks, being so chic, unique and special, with kitten or squared heels that are so comfortable to wear. Well-groomed feet are essential with slingback shoes, do not forget this! Ankle boots and heeled shoes are among the favourite footwear for chic jeans outfits.

Could I add more? Of course, yes, but these chic jeans outfits are lovelier than others because they are easy to replicate and make you look like a pro. Have fun, dear readers and shop first in your closet!

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