Cheap Christmas gifts and something more

regali di natale economici e non

(Picture by Jill Wellington from Pixabay) These days temperatures seem to be in harmony with the vibes of the coming holidays and lead us to be more homely, to spend more time in front of the fireplace. And maybe even to think about the cheap Christmas gifts that we still have to buy! I am among those who have not yet bought them. Suspended halfway between the promises to give an experience rather than an object that pollutes even more the planet and the desire to give what I really like. I don’t know how you feel about this matter, but the fact is that experience gifts are quite expensive, especially when it comes to travel. And the magic ritual of presents under the tree to unwrap all together still belongs to my family tradition, to memories that I don’t I want to abandon and that I want to pass on to my children.

So, today, I will pull unplug from existential reflections for a while and concentrate on cheap Christmas gifts and something more, in short, on those items and presents that can renew, with a smile, the certainty and warmth of true friendship and love. Happy reading my friends! I really hope to be an inspiration to you!

Cheap Christmas gifts – the face mask

A few days ago, my friend Rita gave me a collagen gold facial mask and made me think that all women who run from office to schools, from supermarkets to laundries and kitchens should really pamper themselves a little with this type of products. The idea of giving a friend ten minutes of wellness and relax in the evening, sealed in her bathroom and away from any external interferences, perhaps with soft music background, well I think it’s really invaluable and at a very low price. Indeed, you can buy the package containing six masks and then give them separately one for each friend, perhaps accompanying it with a your unique greeting for the next new year.

Gold bio collagen facial mask
Gold bio collagen facial mask

Cheap Christmas gifts – All the wonders from The Body Shop

I discovered this English brand many years ago and it was immediately love at first sight. Especially for the commitment that The Body Shop places on the environment and animals. Giving one of their products for the face or the body, all of vegetable origin and respecting the planet is a unique opportunity. Among the thousands of items I chose those that attracted me the most, including perfumed bath foams, hand cream with Argan oil, and the vitamin E face mask.

I couldn’t resist when I saw the soft body yoghurts, the citrus scrubs and the Tea Tree mask made from the Melaleuca plant! So I thought I’d share these unique products with you. But the list could become even longer and include something for him, our dear life partner! If you are looking for a gift for your hubby to put under the tree click on this link and grab what you like most among the many Christmas packets. Furthermore, on certain purchases, part of the sales made are donated to charity to help children from Brazil and Indonesia. In short, a double gift that likes and helps!

Special Christmas gifts – the watch for you

Before the arrival of the mobile phone the watch was really indispensable, now it seems to have lost its function. I want to take a step back and focus on this kind of accessories that make the look unique. The watch communicates something special, speaks about the personality that stays the same despite the accelerated rhythms of technology. So I have chosen three watches in golden pink steel, a surprising and elegant colour in every season, a pop of refinement that elevates the casual and sporty look. Olivia Burton’s watches are feminine and precious with stones and crystals that decorate the case and the hands. In addition to measuring time, they become real jewels with unique and refined design, while the Daniel Wellington model that I have shared in this picture confirms itself to be a timeless classic.

Have fun with Christmas shopping dear readers! And let me know what you are going to buy for this Christmas!


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