Breton stripes for pretty and elegant outfits

In my closet there is always room for Breton stripes. A shirt, a dress, even a pair of trousers. I like them, I find it a pattern that never goes out of fashion, perfect for women over 40. It fits many outfits, from sports to casual, from formal to elegant ones. But when we talk about Breton stripes, a doubt comes to life to such an extent that we leave the piece of clothing we have just fallen in love with, on the shelf of the store. Stripes widen! That is the question! Do not tell me you have never thought about it, dear readers! My friend Rita does not even let me talk about the matter. But I am more stubborn than her and I will try to give honour to the Breton stripes and give you some tips to understand how to wear this pattern without fear.

flowers, breton stripes and combo
flowers, breton stripes and combo

What can we do with horizontal stripes? They are tremendous! They can widen the leanest body shapes, it’s hard to think to wear this kind of pattern! Don’t worry, my dear readers! You simply have to avoid them in the largest part of the body. So, if your hips are larger than the shoulders go for Breton stripes for the blouse or for the top and wear these items tucked inside a full skirt or a pair of trousers without pockets and with a side zip. If you have an inverted triangle body shape, use the stripes in the lower part of your body, which in your case is narrower than the shoulders. Remember, however, that there are other patterns that do not widen, like vertical and oblique stripes. They tend to capture the eye’s attention from top to bottom or diagonally from side to side, producing an optical effect that helps to elongate the shape.

And what is the right size of the Breton stripes? This question is related to the rule of proportions, that states that large stripes widen while narrow stripes helps to shrink the figure. However, even if this is really true, I prefer those patterns with different size stripes, those with a dark or light stripe of about 1 or 2 cm on the background of a contrasting colour. It is a decidedly less flashy and more elegant effect. And wider stripes are generally more suitable for sports and casual outfits. Another detail that makes the difference is that of the fabric that embellishes our garment and rub the concept of stripes related to extreme simplicity especially if printed on cotton fabrics. By contrast go for viscose, jersey and knitwear.


My last tip for today deals with mixing Breton stripes with other patterns. Well, I know that at this point of my post, some of you are really opening the eyes wide, including my mother and my mother-in-law! But trust me, the result can be surprising! Indeed, for some years, mixing patterns has become popular among fashion designers too. However, to get rid of any disasters, let’s speak about how to do that. First of all find the common item between the two patterns, like, for example, the same colours or the similar size. So, go for the striped t-shirt combined with the floral printed skirt that also reproduces the colours of the stripes, free way to the striped top paired with the polka-dot skirt or pants, played on two colours, black and white, with the opposite colour in the background for the clothing items.


But be more sober with accessories: you have dared with patterns, be moderate with the colours, choose one and use it for all accessories. And above all, enjoy yourself!


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