Boots and shoes to accessorize your outfits

Boots, shoes, bags… are there better topics than these for women?  Definitely not! I love boots, any kind of boots, knee or ankle length, with special heels or flat. And what about shoes! All you need is that unique pair of shoes that makes your old pair of jeans trendy and on fashion.

For this reason I collected all my posts about boots and shoes in this page. Enjoy the reading!

How to wear platform boots, tips and tricks

platform boots
platform boots

Platform boots have many merits, from the extra centimetres that make us look taller to the comfort of the feet that walk on wide and stable soles. But I still have to get used to it, despite being well trained to the closest boots with chunky soles, the combat boots. I must admit that the platform appeals to many women, and the models on display in the shop windows meet any tastes. Also, new habits do not hurt, leaving the comfort zone of flat shoes and classic heels for new outfits can serve. To discover daring but always classy combinations, to wear a smile looking at the mirror. Some suggestions can be helpful to create looks suitable for women over 40, with platform boots as the protagonists on many occasions. You can find them on the blog, on the page dedicated to the platform boots.

Shoes and boots for our most beautiful looks

shoes and boots for this fall
shoes and boots for this fall

I adore this topic, shoes and boots! And I adore looking for the most unique trendy shoes, those with sculptured heels, studded details, maxi chains. Which are not always comfortable. I have also found some models more suitable for over 40 women, shoes and boots for all types of style. From the incurable romantic to the fan of military and rock looks, without forgetting the dress code for the office. This year’s fashion comes with many trends, including cuissards and combat boots, flat shoes and ballerin shoes, but also lace-ups and moccasins. Follow me on the blog, at this link and discover the shoes and boots that suit you best!

Combat ankle western boots. Booties for every style!

combat boots, ankle boots, booties
combat boots, ankle boots, booties

Combat boots, ankle boots, western boots. And there are also the cuissards, the boots with block heels, those in animal print fabrics, in short, rmany styles for all passions. Do you have any preferences? I love them all and I have to say that I have more than a pair of them per style. And I admit that this footwear thing is the most beautiful part of this icy and dark winter, since I’m really sensitive to the cold! For this reason, I’ve thought of sharing my passion with you, highlighting the trendiest styles, but also the must haves that we will continue to wear for many years to come. Follow me on the blog, at the dedicated page, to find out more about combat boots, ankle boots and the western boots and who knows what else that can make your look definitely change for the better!

Four sporty chic looks you won’t miss

sporty chic, sportiva ed elegante,
sporty chic outfits

Good morning, dear readers! Here I am, after the two operations that have changed my life in the last 10 days. I missed you, but I was very weak and couldn’t write any posts. Now, after the tagliatelle and the special dishes by my mother, the cappelletti by my friend Gra, I’m no longer a zombie and finally I’m here, sitting in front of the computer, to torment you with what is blowing in my head. Sporty chic, this is the topic of today, a comfortable and elegant style that for me in these days is a real necessity, since my belly does not get along with my beloved, shrink to fit, faux leather pants.

This style is truly unique, perfect for the over 40 woman who is always running and splashes every day like a rocket towards a super-challenging day. And if there is a way to do it with a suit in a refined and special fabric, with fantastic sneakers, well, we are all happier. … Discover the sporty chic looks at the dedicated page.

The must have items you won’t miss during Winter sales

must have items not to be missed
must have items not to be missed

To all the women who, like me, are so fond of fashionable clothes, the old woman called Befana is certainly nicer than Santa Claus. Female solidarity aside, the Befana, who is so loved by all the children, always flies on her broom during the night of the 6th of January to bring candies and toys to the little ones, on the same day when in Italy the winter sales begin, for the joy of many women who are waiting for special bargains and the despair of some partners, who still do not understand how good is mothers’ and wives’ personal shopping for the whole family’s serenity.

Fortunately, in my home, the Befana is welcome, reason why I have already eyed up interesting clothing items. … Follow me, at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover the must have items not to be missed during these Winter sales!

Fashion boots to be eyed up for next Winter sales

When Winter arrives, speaking about fashion boots is a real need. With temperatures close to zero, the passion for shoes that we all share turns into a real necessity that covers the guilt from compulsive shopping, justified by the excuse that “these boots keep my feet so warm!” The fact is that the pair of boots that made us lose our mind certainly will not protect us from the cold, maybe it will also cause us some problems in the joints, but it will have the magic power of the headache tablet that wipes out every concerns and makes us feel so easy and at the top like never before. So, go to dedicated page to discover those special boots you won’t miss for next Winter sales.

5 outfits to wear sneakers and look amazingly elegant

sneakers and Prince of Wales trousers
sneakers and Prince of Wales trousers

Sneakers I love you! When I was a younger, I used to wear trainers and sneakers every day and in any occasions. How many pairs of Superga and New Balance shoes I had worn out! Especially with mini skirts and long dresses. I created outfits suitable for my age and above all comfortable. I still remember one of my favourite skirts, a short skirt with white sequins that my beloved aunt Berta had sewn for me for a party in a disco. It was wonderful with my beautiful Superga canvas shoes and I could dance hours and hours without suffering foot pain. The outfit was simply amazing: the simplicity of the shoes softened the somewhat showy effect of the skirt and together with the white t-shirt and the blue jacket they created a nice and classy outfit. …

Follow me to the dedicated page of the blog to find out the best sneaker outfits.

Ankle boots, heeled or flat, I really like them!

ankle boots

I can leave the sandals for the ankle boots, sometimes I stray on a pair of tennis shoes that makes even the most formal outfit seem nice. And this happens almost at every change of season, when the dear and beloved sun leaves these beaches for more remote and exotic places. “How wistful are you on Saturday morning! … You’re off duty, at home … and in the clouds, so blessed in this strangely silent place. Because your husband is at work, the kids are at school and you are all alone in the attic’s peace, in front of your computer.” Pure delight. In this unreal atmosphere I feel like … Carrie Bradshow! Yes, for the atmosphere, for the topic of this post. Follow me, then, to the dedicated page of the blog and find out the best ankle boots.

Which pair of shoes do I wear tomorrow?

scarpe invernali
shoes and boots

Shoes or boots? I dunno… well… While my thoughts are wandering around, I look at them, two in a row, but I hardly decide, I admire all my shoes, I think again and again, at the end of a day which had been simply busy, when the kids (one is about 71 inches tall) already sleep like a rock. But I like taking my time in easy and coloured thoughts. It makes me relax…. till my husband’s comment “Don’t tell me you have nothing to wear!” brings my feet on the ground. I don’t know how he can guess all my thoughts. Maybe he really knows me. Or he is endowed with a certain male talent.

Anyway, shoes are never enough for me, like scarves and foulards. I must admit it, I have an insolent foot that always pretends the perfect pair of shoes. But I could never wear slippers! Comfortable shoes?!? … Keep on reading at the dedicated page of the blog to discover the best shoes for your occasions.


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