Birthday outfit. For me, above all!


It has arrived this year too, on time as always. My birthday! So, why not talk about the birthday outfit? And today it is also my blog’s birthday! One year only! But more candles to blow out for me, exactly 52. Two days ago, I celebrated it with my family, having dinner in a countryside farmhouse, out of the crowd of the coast, on the surrounding hills, where a gentle breeze gave us a break from the heat of the last days.

And with the children that grow up so fast it was a real present to be all four together around the same table! For the occasion, I wore a long pencil dress, in pastel colours that match well my complexion. For those who have a lean column body shape like me, this style is perfect, simple and easy to wear even with a pair of sneakers, if you are looking for street style looks. But on warm summer evenings, you can go for flat sandals, or heels if you need to gain a few cm. in height.

long pencil dress

If you have large hips, however, the gipsy style is definitely more suitable, generally bias cut or with the flared skirt that slips well on the body without hugging. And if the wasp waist is your ace in the hole, then choose high waisted dresses that enhance your figure. The empire style, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative if you have a large belly, on condition that you choose light and soft fabrics, avoid “sticky” fabrics, for a final result that will get your body lightness and grace.

What about the short dress for the birthday outfit? Lovely, I would say! Go for the dress that let the knee bare. There are many styles depending on your body shape. I have reevaluated one in particular, the one I’m wearing in the picture below. It is a puffball dress, with the belt and pleats in the bust area, widening downwards. It’s perfect for those who have large hips and belly. The apple woman too can go for this style, provided that it slides gently on her body. This birthday outfit can be completed by a pashmina to wear wrapped around the shoulders, so as to cover the swing arm curtains, but only, if you need it!

puffball dress

Take into account, as a birthday outfit, the A-shaped dress too, one of my favourites for Summer, so fresh, feminine and elegant. It’s perfect if you want to hide a little belly, ideal for those with wider hips, as long as it slips well and does not make wrinkles in that area. In this case, orient yourself towards high waisted or full skirt dresses. Instead, If you have also a prosperous bust, just like the divas of the 50s, well, then you are a hourglass woman, the one with the curves that make men crazy, so go for wrap or bias cut dresses, which seem to be designed only for you.

A shaped dress

From the birthday outfit to footwear. My dear friends do not neglect your feet! Do the pedicure, polish your toenails, frame your beautiful feet in a pair of special sandals. Orient yourself towards neutral shades, always a win, like gold and silver, black, white or sand, the colours that can pe paired with many different patterns.

Have a good evening If it’s not for a birthday party,  then it will certainly be for a special evening, to break the daily routine and regenerate yourself. See you soon!


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