Best layered clothing ideas without looking bulky


Are there layered clothing outfits that make you still look like a woman? What a dilemma, when the temperature starts dropping! You have to cover yourself well so as not to risk getting sick. But do not fall into the fatal error of dressing in layers at random! It’s just the beginning of October and I have already seen strange layering combinations, just because it’s cold. You can be glam and stylish without running the risk of a flu, simply because layered clothing looks should be conceived on the different body shapes.

The first risk you run with layered clothing outfits is that of adding volume to your body shape. Unavoidable situation, unfortunately, when you want to protect yourself from cold weather, an opportunity, however, to exploit and create unique looks. I have collected some tips for you, the ones most suitable for over 40 women, so that you won’t be unprepared when Winter cold winds arrive.

Layered clothing ideas with the wool cardigan

I’m starting with the most popular clothing item for those who, like me, are very sensitive to the cold, the wool cardigan, that can be paired exclusively with light garments. If you have a lean body shape, choose heavyweight garments, so trendy on the silk or viscose dress. If instead you are the classic curvy Mediterranean beauty, choose lightweight and softer fabrics like cashmere and jersey, so fine and warm, despite the appearance. If you have an apple body shape, go for the straight cardigan and wear it unbuttoned. The hourglass woman should orient herself, instead, to shaped style and use a thin belt, to highlight the beautiful wasp waist.

Layered clothing ideas with the denim jacket and the biker jacket

The denim and the biker jackets are really unique and must have garments, that can give vivacity to formal and boring looks. The biker jacket is usually black; remember, however, that a colourful scarf,  stands out the colors of those who have clear and delicate features. Pair it with elegant and chic dresses to create a special and unique outfit. Same tips for the denim jacket, to use with feminine and elegant clothing items.

Layered clothing ideas with the sweater twin set

All women should have a sweater twin set in the closet, to wear with a knee-length skirt as a office uniform, or with the classic pair of denim trousers to give a touch of class to a decidedly sporty look. It is a must for smart layering combinations during middle seasons.

Layered clothing ideas with the  woollen scarf

The warm and enveloping wool scarf is on fashion this Autumn. The wide, long and rectangular shape scarf, to wear with a belt around your waist, is a perfect solution for the hourglass woman. Or the square shape one, to wear as a soft shawl on the shoulders, with the two ends crossed on the front and held under a belt, as you can see from the picture. Choose the scarf in a plain colour if you wear the floral print dress, or go for a coloured scarf to give some freshness to the little black dress. Add a belt and matching shoes. For a trendy and really chic look.

Layered clothing ideas with the wool sweater

I love this combination! It’s one of my favourite for the office, elegant and warm at the same time. The Aran sweater, shaped style, and worn with a thin belt around the waist, change the ordinary look of your work uniform. And why not add Mary Jane shoes or a medium-heeled Brogues shoes? Perfect look, I would say, to wear next Monday.


Tips for dressing in layers

Pair together fabrics of different heaviness to avoid the padding effect, use fluid fabrics including silk and viscose, on which wool garments slide well without sticking.

Pay attention to light fabrics: jersey is perfect for slender and lean silhouette, because it tends to highlight the shapes, and stick on the body. Silk and viscose, are also good for curvy women, as long as the fabrics are not too light and shiny and therefore do not stick on the body.

Combine precious fabrics with the most common ones. Silk, organza, lace, are perfect together with opaque cottons, denim and wool. When you combine different items you should decide to match them according to the same colours or to contrasting colours. Choose shoes and accessories accordingly.

Enjoy yourself, above all!

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