Bags and accessories to brighten up winter outfits

How many bags are there in my closet! And how many bags I would like to buy! And if my friends would like to give me a gift … well, they certainly know what to do. The fact is that I like them, for daytime or evening outfits, large or small, they all give a touch of personality to your outfits.

And how many scarves, foulards and belts are there in my closet too! It’s really true, I have to admit it. I really love, I’m practically crazy about accessories and bags and scarves are at the the top of my wish list.

I collected some posts where you can find interesting ideas to brighten up your winter outfits with my favourite accessories. Enjoy the reading!

The Christmas gifts to do and to receive

Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts

25th December is really so near and I have not bought the Christmas gifts yet, therefore, today’s post seems more thought for the late ones like me than for you. Who knows, how many beautiful surprises you have already wrapped! Or maybe not, maybe you really need some last-minute advice about the presents to put under the tree of your best friend, of your mother or aunt, or simply of yours. I’ve been looking around to find out items for any budget, nice gifts that can be good for women with the most different tastes. …

Discover the Christmas gifts I’ve chose for you!


How to wear long and short necklaces

long and short necklaces
long and short necklaces

Did it happen that you were going to wear your preferred necklace and then you abandoned the idea because it didn’t pair the dress you had chosen? Maybe it did to you too. And perhaps you have started thinking that necklaces, as well as clothing and accessories, should follow some rules to better enhance your outfits and characteristics.
The time has come, therefore, to talk about them, the lovely and good friends of your outfits, to wear during the day and in the evening, providing that you follow some important tips that make you look at your best! … Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


The perfect bag for the office

Boston Bag
Boston Bag

One day it arrived at home. An unexpected surprise for my 50th birthday. The bag of my dreams, in my favourite colours, black and beige. It’s great to go to the office, you can really put everything inside. I put also a pair of shoes in, for those days I do not find a free parking space near the office, so that I can have a nice walk, which is good to begin the whole day and when I arrive at destination I wear the beautiful pair of shoes that is in the bag, which matches perfectly the outfit and my good mood. … Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


Autumn Winter 2017/18 colour trends

autumn winter 2017 2018 colour trends

Red, yellow, blue and green are some of the autumn winter colour trends, in the brightest shades that seem to contrast with the grey of the colder days. Like they’ve came out from the palette of a capricious painter, who is anxious to use deep and bright colours and leave the shades we were used to, like brown, black, white and grey, behind. I must admit that at first, I was really shocked, I didn’t like at all those colour trends, especially in this time of the year when I usually behave like the natural light, in a more softly manner, that leads me to look for pastels or faint colours. And I couldn’t bear the idea of changing a whole wardrobe. Thus, I finally decided to follow a more moderate way, the one that doesn’t waste all my savings and leads to smaller investments, those in accessories which are closer to my idea of colours in full winter. It could be a bag, a scarf, a belt, or a jewel… Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


Animalier spotted, yes or no?

foulard maculato
animalier spotted

When I was about 20, 25 years old, my friends and I used to criticise those women who wore anything similar to the coat of wild animals and we sentenced them to the circle of hell for “those who liked excess and were over a certain age”, that is to say the women that began to adorn themselves with showy accessories at every new lit candle on the cake. On my 35th birthday, a spotted foulard by D&G came out of a present, whose wrapping was spotted too. …Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


A beautiful hat

cappello a bombetta
a beautiful hat

There’s a department store in the town of Rimini, where I used to go with my schoolmates, when the lesson finished before due time because the teacher of the last hour was absent. Among the departments we couldn’t miss there were the makeup and the hats. The last one was my favourite because I found it funny: as a volleyball player I used to wear sports outfits all days and the only makeup item I liked wearing was a lip gloss. My dear friend Nico, who has always had good taste in clothing, would bring me to the hats department and there we usually enjoyed ourselves, trying on any type of hats. … Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


The foulard, how to wear it without strangling yourself

foulard verde e nero

I love the foulard. I really go crazy about everything that wraps my neck … maybe you’ve already read it in one of my posts. It’s the touch of personality that signs the outfit. And I’m very sensitive to the cold. That’s why I need foulards and scarves… but also the countless colours and fabrics they are made of!!! It really seems that beauty has the upper hand over health. Who would have thought it? And unfortunately, in my closet, there’s always one missing … the Perfect one. Maybe it’s hidden under the huge stack of its brothers, maybe I’ve not met it in any shop windows yet. But when I find it, I’ll have to be able to wear it with style. Yeah, but how do you wear a foulard? I hope you won’t think of turning it simply around your neck! To avoid any strangulation of style and instead to give the right respect to the features of that object of desire, including the unique printed design and the precious fabric it is made of, which drove you to squander a part of your salary, I thought I could share some useful tips with you. … Keep on reading at the dedicated page.


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