bags for Spring

Bags and accessories for Spring

Bags … how much we love you! In the Spring… more than ever… the joy of good weather captivates to such an extent that if we had a lot of money, we would always be looking for the right bags to buy. And what about accessories? They are never enough, especially now that we are over 40ies and prefer simpler clothes with classic pattern and colours, but look for some special accessories, which give personality to our outfits.

Follow the tips by Yourstyleover40 to find the bags and accessories of your dreams or reuse what you already have, in any case to understand how to create the best flattering outfits.

Spring clothing essentials for a myriad of outfits

essential clothes for spring
essential clothes for spring

Which is the trendiest bag of this spring? And which accessories can enhance and make the most basic look special? Find it out with me at the page dedicated to the essential clothes for spring. I have added the pouch bag to my wish-list, so gorgeous and fun, especially in pastel colours and combined with beautiful slippers in the same shade! Why if we team it up with a blazer in the same shade? Do you like this combo? All together, they could change the classic denim and T-shirt combination, which we like so much, but also those pieces we already have in the closet.

Follow the tips on the page dedicated to the essential clothes for spring!

How to make a cheap garment look chic

abito con decorazioni
how to make a cheap garment look chic

Sometimes you buy a low cost dress because you don’t spend too much. The background music of the shop, the lights that sparkle the print of that dress that costs almost like two hours of your work. Then you discover that there is also your size, in short, an astral combination of events that brings you straight to the cash. But then, at home, you realize that it is actually really cheap, the seams are not exactly perfect, like those horribly plastic buttons. There is always a solution for Yourstyleover40, that cheap dress may look chic, with some tips. Find out how, on the blog, at the dedicated page to the cheap garment!

The fashion bags that make your looks

fashion bags
fashion bags

With the beautiful days of May, happiness returns. And from tomorrow the cities will be dressed up with the shop windows ready to start again. The time has come to get our beautiful bags out of the house, locked in the closets for more than two months. And honor a long-awaited walk with friends, or a fragrant coffee to be enjoyed outside of the bar. With a simple but classy look, where the bag becomes that essential accessory to make us special and make us feel good. Follow me on the blog, at the page dedicated to fashion bags!

Fashion face masks to fight COVID-19 with a smile

fashion face mask
fashion face mask

It’s my first time I have written a post on this kind of accessories, the fashion face masks. And I must admit that I have searched information on this topic, which is becoming more popular than bags these days. Because it concerns health first and then our beauty. But there are some solutions to be safe and gorgeous. On the web, interesting and some even curious ideas have captured my attention that I want to share with you, providing that you take care and read first the info on how to wear these accessories. At the page dedicated to fashion face masks.

How to make the trouser suit look so special

trouser suit
how to refresh the trouser suit

The suit is the kind of clothing we all associate with office looks. It gives style and elegance, but sometimes it is necessary to refresh it a little, to add that typically feminine flair that softens the dullness and severity of the uniform. Sometimes it is really sad to start the day with a blue or dark grey trouser suit. Colours, accessories, light and precious fabrics can completely change the look without losing the aplomb of the suit.

But how we can do it? Follow me, then, at the dedicated page of the blog, where you will find interesting tips and images to make your trouser suit look so special.


Add the evening bag for a stunning outfit

animalier printed shoulder bag
animalier printed shoulder bag

The evening bag! A small jewel, a precious accessory that changes the outfit. This is the right definition. I hope none of you have thought that the topic about bags was concluded with the post I published last week, dedicated to the day bag! Indeed, as the sun goes down, bags too change and become smaller and sparkling. They still remain important and indispensable to create unique and special outfits. In addition, elegant bags for ceremonies too belong to this category. … So, keep on reading my post at the dedicated page, if in this wonderful Spring’s month, between a wedding ceremony and your daughter’s First Holy Communion you do not know yet which evening bag you should go for.

How to choose the perfect day bag

denim outfit and Braccialini bag
denim outfit and Braccialini bag

How to choose the day bag? Well, it must be capacious because women put inside it a lot of things, even those that are not needed. So go for the maxi size if you are tall, but if you are like the majority of Italian beauties, you’d better choose a medium-sized bag. That’s because the bag too must be proportionate to the body shape. Try to imagine a giraffe woman with a small bag … Unbearable! Another detail not to be overlooked concerns the way how you carry the day bag. Do you remember when I told you that edges and details should never coincide with the largest part of your body? …

Well, keep on reading the post at the dedicated page of the blog, to discover the tips about how to choose the perfect day bag.


The power of women’s accessories

black fashion accessories
black fashion accessories

After 40, women’s accessories are the irreplaceable allies that can change anonymous and basic garments. From the vintage brooch to the heeled shoes, from the printed belt to the special bag. The choice is really wide, but among the objects that must not miss in your closet, my dear readers, some are really indispensable.

Necklaces, scarves, belts… at the dedicated page of the blog, you’ll find my tips about the women’s accessories and more info on how they can change your looks.


How to wear long and short necklaces

long and short necklaces
long and short necklaces

Did it happen that you were going to wear your preferred necklace and then you abandoned the idea because it didn’t pair the dress you had chosen? Maybe it did to you too. And perhaps you have started thinking that necklaces, as well as clothing and accessories, should follow some rules to better enhance your outfits and characteristics.
The time has come, therefore, to talk about them, the lovely and good friends of your outfits, to wear during the day and in the evening, providing that you follow some important tips that make you look at your best! Don’t you know how? Follow me, then, at the page dedicated to the  necklaces.

A splash of red to call the Spring

red ankle boots and bag
red ankle boots and bag

When the days get longer and the fog leaves our cities, the air gets warmer and generates that sense of expectation for the Spring that is almost at the door. The colours become protagonists, with the first daring flowers that come out from the snow. Which means that you too, my dear readers, will be inexorably abducted by this need of change, driven to clothes with lighter and warmer shades, splashes of colours that enliven the classic tones of winter.

The need of change has already struck me with a splash of red colour. I wanted a pair of ankle boots with kitten heels and a bag. Both red, of course. And I did!

Follow me, then, at the page dedicated to this special colour, the red that can make every outfit and changes the most basic and simple looks into something completely different!



The perfect bag for the office

Boston bag and office outfit
Boston bag and office outfit

One day it arrived at home. An unexpected surprise for my 50th birthday. The bag of my dreams, in my favourite colours, black and beige. It’s great to go to the office, you can really put everything inside. I put also a pair of shoes in, for those days I do not find a free parking space near the office, so that I can have a nice walk, which is good to begin the whole day and when I arrive at destination I wear the beautiful pair of shoes that is in the bag, which matches perfectly the outfit and my good mood. …

Maybe you have guessed which bag I’m speaking about from the picture. Otherwise, discover it at the dedicated page of the blog, the one about the perfect bag for the office!



My Liu Jo stripes clutch bag, the bag for many occasions

cltuch bag and accessories
clutch bag and accessories

For my daughter’s first Holy Communion I was looking for a simple, flat bag to match my otfit, consisting of white trousers and a dark blue macramé lace shirt with peplum. I bought a clutch bag by Liu Jo, the New Cannes model, that has white, blue and dark blue stripes. It was perfect for my clothes, it had the same colours and I completed the outfit with my beautiful blue and gold sandals. This bag well contained the wallet, the cell phone, the handkerchiefs, without changing the thin and elongated shape and the detachable strap well matched my Swaroski necklace. …

Go to the dedicated page of the blog to discover how to use a clutch bag in your outfits.



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