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(Photo by Dana Tentis from Pixabay) Are you ready to speak about dress code again? And of back to office looks with your old corporate suits? What a great moment, that of leaving the house and shelters after two months of lockdown! Which is unthinkable with the usual uniform. I imagine your smiles, I can perceive your mood and enthusiasm to plunge into real life again, all those feelings that must not fade away with a dark suit purchased a few years ago. Some sartorial adjustments that honor our feminine curves can help. Then, however, new and interesting combinations are needed. Let’s discover them together!

The suit jacket and the little black dress

The formal jacket has been inherited from the male wardrobe. Paired with the iconic little black dress, the most popular dress in every woman closet. A perfect mix, a combination of garments that belong to such different worlds, the yin and the yang, a relationship that preserves and enhances the rules required by the dress code, elegance and sobriety. Which can be refreshed by a patterned silk scarf, colored shoes with medium heel, those most beloved accessories especially on spring days, when the sky becomes brighter.

tailleur e tubino
jacket suit and little black dress, Pinterest

The suit jacket and the denim pants

For those who like casual styles, this is the winning combination among the back to the office looks. Straight pants are just perfect for your new business outfit. It’s one of the most classic cuts and it has never gone out of style. It has a regular fit in the thighs, with a short space between the skin and the jeans. This kind of trousers has an extremely versatile style, it is and suitable for all, especially for those who have large thighs. Together with a white or light blue shirt and the suit jacket the result is really casual chic and will bring you to success if you wear medium heel shoes.

giacca tailleur e jeans
jacket suit and denim, Pinterest

Trouser suit set, T-shirt and sneakers

If you are lucky enough and the dress code allows you some freedom, you could think of dressing down the classic suit with a pair of chunky sneakers and a T-shirt – white or graphic – just like in Anglo-Saxon countries, where Casual Friday has become the new style for employees, who can dress less formal on Fridays, with the head already absorbed by the weekend vibes. Which I love so much and allows me to wear a gorgeous Tee under a formal blazer! What about you?

tailleur e adidas
trouser suit, sneaker and T-shirt, Pinterest

Trouser suit and twin set

When you try to combine a top with a pair of chic pants, you should prefer different or contrasting colours. For more reasons. Indeed, it’s almost impossible to find the same colour shade, and to liven up the look, starting from the fact that the majority of business suits are dark in colour, you should go for bright contrasting colours. The elegant trousers of your suit, blue, black or gray, will be so gorgeous with a twin set sweater in pink, cream, red, or yellow colour, to be chosen according to the shades that best enhance your complexion.

pantalone elegante e twin set
trouser suit and twin set, Pinterest

Do you have any other ideas about your back to office looks? Have a good restart, dear readers!


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