Autumn Winter 2017/18 colour trends

Red, yellow, blue and green are some of the Autumn Winter colour trends, in the brightest shades that seem to contrast with the grey of the colder days. Like they’ve came out from the palette of a capricious painter, who is anxious to use deep and bright colours and leave the shades we were used to, like brown, black, white and grey, behind. I must admit that at first, I was really shocked, I didn’t like at all those colour trends, especially in this time of the year when I usually behave like the natural light, in a more softly manner, that leads me to look for pastels or faint colours. And I couldn’t bear the idea of changing a whole wardrobe.

Thus, I finally decided to follow a more moderate way, the one that doesn’t waste all my savings and leads to smaller investments, those in accessories which are closer to my idea of colours in full winter. It could be a bag, a scarf, a belt, or a jewel… I really believe that I could get used to this interpretation of colours in the style of a traffic light.

Anyway, I must take into account my colour palette, and you too you should, above all if we speak about those accessories that you wear under your face, if you do not want to highlight fine wrinkles and spots instead of your magnetic gaze. Which means that a spring woman like me should choose the warm and clear shades of the above mentioned colours, like coral red, banana yellow, bright leaf green, bright French navy, while a summer type should go for clear shades too, providing that they are cold, like, for example, watermelon red, mint green, air force blue, soft lemon, all shades that flatter her complexion. The winter woman seems to be the one who’ll benefit more from this winter’s trends. She is at her best with bright and deep colours, especially if she wears them in block, like this year’s fashion states. Maybe, in her closet, she already has a wide rage of coloured garments from Magenta red to bottle green, lemon yellow, royal blue. The autumn woman, instead, should go for warm and deep colours, like tomato red, peacock blue, forest green, butter yellow.

Now that you have understood the colour trends you should wear this winter, open your closet and look for the clothing and accessories you have bought during the years up to now. If you do not find anything in tune with this season’s colours, go eye-shopping, take note of your desired items and remember that you could buy them at a very reduced price: Black Friday’s day is not so far!


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