Autumn trends to wear and those to avoid

Have you noticed how many autumn trends are crowding the catwalks? It seems that fashion is playing with different colours, textures and volumes and that designers creativity is not far behind. I have found statement skirts, dresses in the less autumnal colours, knitwear everywhere, weird patterns and colourful leggings. But also large bags, leather and padded items in combination with the classics that withstand every wind of change, from the blazer to the white shirt.

trend autunno gonna colorata e maglione

I believe that it seems there is no common thread in the autumn 2021 trends, or perhaps, in the wide variety of clothes and accessories, there is a key I have not yet discovered. But I have noticed the garments and items that enhance the style and elegance of the woman over 40, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you!

The leather and the faux leather jacket

You already know how much I love this piece of clothing, especially in the middle seasons. It has returned as the protagonist of fashion catwalks to confirm its identity as a must-have for many outfits. The difference, however, stands in the willingness to amaze and being noticed for the colours, the shape, the decorations. As for me, I prefer to choose it in a neutral colour, with a feminine pattern that highlights the silhouette. And let less expensive accessories emerge and interpret the follies of the autumn trends!

The skirt

I am so happy to see the skirt among the protagonists of autumn fashion. Because we generally tend to prefer trousers when temperatures drop and abandon the idea of wearing such a feminine garment. This year new trend wants to amaze, with colourful fabrics or unusual patterns, tulle fabric, tartan designs and other unusual details. But it is always better to choose the skirt that best enhances the body shape, combine it with a more neutral top if the choice has gone towards a statement piece.

The slip dress

The slip dress is one of my favourites. It is a garment that adapts well to the body of women over 40, thanks to the fabric that slips on the roundness given by time and does not wrap around the largest parts of the body. I like it combined with cosy wrap wool cardigans, wide sweaters, masculine cut jackets, garments with different textures that together create a stylish mix.

The blazer

Oversized and large styles that seem borrowed from the partner’s closet are welcome this autumn, paired with jeans and worn over light silk blouses. Or together with the slip dress, which is the news of this autumn’s trend.


Leggings too are on fashion this autumn, especially those with coloured prints and patterns. I must admit that they are too showy but also a great transitional option for the middle season. For this reason, they are fantastic to keep on wearing light summer dresses but if you go for showy styles with geometric or floral patterns, you should opt for leggings in neutral colours for a more balanced and elegant outfit, suitable for women over 40.

The denim jacket

Another piece of clothing that is just perfect for the months of transition to winter. You can wear it combined with long silk skirts, knee-length dresses, elegant trousers and precious blouses, to create a casual and chic look.

Tote bags

Among the bags that I like the most, the shopper’s bag with an elongated shape is my fave, followed by large and soft bags for leisure time, models to wear again in the coming seasons. The neutral and warm colours of autumn, ranging from beige to brown and red-purple, are back to bring autumns vibes on the catwalks.

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