Ankle boots, heeled or flat, I really like them!


I can leave my beloved sandals for special ankle boots, sometimes I stray on a pair of tennis shoes that makes even the most formal outfit seem nice. And this happens almost at every change of season, when the dear sun leaves these beaches for more remote and exotic places. “How wistful are you on Saturday morning! … You’re off duty, at home … and in the clouds, so blessed in this strangely silent place. Because your husband is at work, the kids are at school and you are all alone in the attic’s peace, in front of your computer.” Pure delight. In this unreal atmosphere I feel like … Carrie Bradshow! So amazingly ready to write for you, my dear readers. “Fly low, Simonetta!” Ok, you’re right … but I would like to be like her, above all to dress like her. “Perhaps, it is time to stop daydreaming even if your intention is the same as hers, but the argument, good for your readers, is different!”. And after my conscience’s advice I think I’ll start writing about something more earthy… ankle boots, Beatles boots, Chelsea boots, any kind of boots with the shaft that ends near the ankle, with special heels that add glamour to any outfit. At this point of my wandering I think that some of you would like to abandon the reading. Maybe because they believe that this kind of boots is only for those with thin ankles. But luckily that is not true and there’s always a trick that helps dressing according to your wishes. Stay tuned and find out in the following lines!

ankle boots
ankle boots


Ankle boots, small tips for great interpretations

Ankle boots highlight ankles, thus those who have large ankles should pay attention to the different shafts that end at that point. Go for shafts that have oblique toplines, with the back part higher than the part that goes to the vamp. And go for the same dark colours for boots and stockings. And if you’re good at walking on high heels, you already know what I’m going to tell you. You’ll look taller and slimmer, even on large heels and platform, which are more comfortable to walk on.

The short sock that peaks out of the boot is trendy but in this case too, the general rule about showy details – they add value to the outfit but they tend to highlight where they are placed – must be taken into account, so avoid it if your ankles are not thin.

I don’t tell you this enough, but wide heels are preferable for the day and for work outfits, while thin heels are better for evening occasions. But there are always some exceptions that confirm the rule. Kitten heels can also be used for the day. But if you really want to dare and wear thin high heels, you’ll get my approval as long as you dress formal at work, with a blouse or a jacket and wide leg trousers.

Matching ankle boots and skirts is not always easy, especially if you are minute. And when I talk about skirts I mean knee-length skirt. Keep in mind that different fancies and colours break the lengths, so if you do not want to risk to look shorter, go for the concept of monochrome in the lower part of your body (skirt, tights and boots) and use printed patterns and colours in the top of your body. A-shaped skirts, pencil skirts, pleated or panelled skirts, choose the style according to you body shape, add tights and a bit of heels.


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Different style of ankle boots

Beatles or Chelsea boots

This pair of boots has low heels and elastic side tabs. Used by the famous group “The Beatles” they are today on fashion and comfortable at the same time. There are many feminine versions with studs, buckles, rhinestones, in patent or printed leather, that add style and personality to the simplest outfit. They are perfect with trousers, but not very suitable with skirts. However, matched with a A-shaped dress and dark, thick tights they are trendy and cool.

Cowboy boots

Oblique heels, sharp toes, horizontal stitching on the vamp, that is to say the boots worn by the cowboys. So if you do not want to be mistaken for Calamity Jane, go for low heels, mix and match the boots with a pair of sporty jeans and a silk shirt or a blouse, or with an elegant pencil skirt knee-length plus a small jumper and a scarf tied around your neck. Choose boots in a very dark or black colour. The cowboy boots are showy shoes and the black colour can soften the effect of the sharp toes and of the embroidery.

Heeled Brogues

To tell the truth the heeled Brogues are not boots but shoes. However the topline is closed to the ankle and for this reason they make the same use of short boots. They are easy to wear with skirts and trousers, both in formal and in sports outfits. It’s the kind of shoes you should buy sooner or later.

Ankle boots with wide shafts

I like all versions introduced by this winter’s fashion, with wide embroidered shafts, or in bright colours like fire red or light blue, with square or flared middle heels. I must admit, this kind of boots is not suitable for those who have large calves. And they are so showy, thus, according to my rule of balancing style and good taste, you have to go for sober outfits if you do nor want to be mistaken for a pop artist of the 70’s.

(I get a commission from ShopStyle Collective for purchases made through links in this post)


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